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Ready to Gacha? NFT Mobile Legends Come Through

The trend of NFT makes MOBA game players(made by Moonton) ask,"Will Mobile Legends have NFT assets that can be traded?" Check out our post to find out now!

Moonton Presents: NFT

Players must be prepared to target Moonton's NFT. Under the name MLBB: The Aspirants Mystery Box, it is priced at around IDR 350 thousand or Binance US $25. Yes, this NFT will be sold on Binance NFT.
Skins from Fanny and Layla are NFT that you can get by predicting the number of collections you can get from NFT Mobile Legends. In addition to skins, NFT will contain 12 mystery boxes with a combination of various other prizes, such as NFT emoji to Binance US $ or BUSD. Unfortunately, this will be divided into 4 different classes and limited to a maximum of 100 boxes of purchases per user.

Mystery Box Details

The rarest NFT is presented through the first anime skin from Fanny and Layla. The Blade of Kibou and Miss Hikari skins are only issued for 150 pieces with the chance to have them under 1%, which is 0.60% in 100 purchases.

Layla's NFT with a medium chance is Layla's NFT Skin Blazing Gun and Fanny's Skylar, with a 7.4% chance you can have it in your 100 purchases. This NFT published a total of 1,850 pieces.
The most published NFT is the Fanny Campus Youth NFT skin, and Layla's is Green Flash, with a fairly high chance of getting 12%. This NFT is published in 3000 copies, and you have a 12% chance of getting it with your 100 purchases.

It must be remembered that Moonton presents NFT with a gacha system. You can get it according to the luck factor in 100 purchases. However, in a mystery box with many benefits, you will not miss the opportunity to hunt for NFT Mobile Legends, which is quite rare.
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