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Primo is the best home premium cleaning services company in Dubai. Premium cleaning services is that missing oomph! It’s for the people who are as obsessive to cleaning everything as we are. Where the goal of premium cleaning is not limited by time, our goal is to clean, clean anything and everything!
Every client that has tried our premium cleaning services has had nothing but praises for the service!


Premium Cleaning Services uses eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to clean your home. We understand that your kitchen needs that extra detailed cleaning. So we’ve equipped our staff with hand steamers to make sure your kitchen sparkle! With the use of industrial grade machines by Karcher we make sureto clean any micron level dust in your home! An extraordinary cleaning service with our professional staff that makes your home look neat and clean, along with contributing and supporting various SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


We, at Primo, make sure that our exceptional Premium Cleaning Guarantees satisfaction for our customers. Our professionals come with all the environmentally friendly materials, which guarantee a high-grade cleaning.

Our premium cleaning staff are professional and trustworthy. They deliver quality work. You can trust our staff as they are:

They are thoroughly assessed during the hiring process and undergo training by our BICSc (British institute of Cleaning Science) qualified manager to become fully competent in different methods of cleaning services.
We do extensive background checks on every Primo staff.
Trained to follow all the SOPs necessary for premium cleaning.

Primo Service


We at Primo offer both standard and bespoke services and support to match your requirements by providing you with cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Backed by 10 years of extensive experience and supported by an in-house team of qualified.

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