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Part I: Armoring Tutorial in New World

You read right, this is an armoring tutorial for New World, the best-selling MMORPG genre game or massively multiplayer online role-playing game when it launched on Steam. Game players with RPGs must be familiar with gathering and crafting activities. However, especially for newbie players, have you ever tried to hone your armoring skills? This is our tutorial for armoring in New World!

Armoring Tutorial in New World

Do you have a desire to make cool boots? Shirts? hats? Cool outfit for exploring Aeternum? Then armoring is the answer. In this skill, you will make it all depend on your current tier.
First, before we explain armor for a certain tier, you have to grind to gather resources and memorize 2 icons on the map, Forge (Anvil) for heavy armor and Outfitting Station (Spool of Thread icon).

  • Tier 2 Crafting (recipes 0–49)

    Make sure you have reached level 50 with 13,350 experience. The formula for making armor at tier 2 is the number of ingredients times 12 experience.

    Level 1-50: Make 124 Linen Handwraps
    We recommend making 124 linen handwraps to speed up armor leveling. You will get 13,392 experience by collecting:
        • - 496 Coarse Leather
        • - 124 Metal Ingot
        • - 496 Linen
    The ingredients come from the basic ingredients that you can collect, namely:
      • - 1984 Rawhide to make coarse leather
      • - 496 Iron Ore to make Iron Ingots
      • - 1984 Fibers for Linen
    Are you worried about the taxes you have to pay? Linen handwraps are still quite affordable at 21.08 gold/crown and an additional 44.64 gold/crown for refining all ingredients.

    Tier 3 Crafting (50-99 recipes)

    Remember the crafting formula in tier 2 before? You must reach level 100 with 155,208 experience. While the new formula for armoring at tier 3 is the amount of material times 45 experience,
    Level 51-100: Make 384 Rugged Leather Gloves or Sateen Gloves
    The next recommendation is to generate 155,520 experience points through armoring 384 rugged leather gloves or sateen gloves. Collect lots of materials, including:
      • - 6.144 Rough hide for coarse leather
      • -24,576 fibers for linen
      •  - 1,536 tannins (weave) for sateen
      • - 1,536 Iron Ore for Iron Ingot
      • - 6,144 Linen for sateen
    Through this material you will have:
      • - 1,536 Coarse Leather or Linen
      • - 384 Iron Ingots
      • - 1536 Sateen or rugged leather
    Plan what you will do. For example, if you want to save sateen, then you can make a sateen glove that will save 1-2 sateen per salvage. Remember, this is just an initial estimate. You still need a luck factor in this. Meanwhile, for taxes, you only need 199.68 gold/crowns and an additional 126.72 gold/crowns if you want to purify all the ingredients.
    Collecting materials one by one, then refining them and heading to the forge or outfitting stations would take a lot of time. You should also hope that luck will always be on your side, and you will also need the appropriate gold to pay the tax value.

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