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Myths and Facts About Engine Oil

The engine oil is no less than the lifeline of a vehicle. It takes care of the engine – the most important component of a vehicle, which speaks volumes about the importance of engine oil. Its significance is like what water is for a human body. Thus, when you buy a car engine of any make and model, be it a rebuilt engine or a used BMW engine, proper use of engine oil is mandatory for it to work smoothly for a long period of time. However, there are multiple practices used by mechanics and car owners across the world which are nothing more than myths. Hence, in this write-up, we’ll discuss some myths and facts about engine oil.

  • One of the most popular myths says that you must change your engine oil every 5000 km. However, this used to be true earlier when the engines were less advanced. Today, the engines made by modern car manufacturers are advanced enough to not need an oil change before 10,000 km. As the oil viscosity and quality are improved, the ideal oil change period is now considered to be between 10,000 km to 25,000 km. The fact is that to know the ideal frequency of oil change for your car, you must refer to the owner’s manual. Many people with used engines for sale might recommend you to frequently change the oil but it's best if you stick to the user manual instructions.

  • Another myth is that if you switch between oil brands, your engine will be harmed. However, the change in oil brand won’t harm your engine if you continue to use the same specifications as the previous one. In addition to that, you must understand that even with the same specifications the oil quality might differ but switching brands doesn't do any harm.

Perhaps the most common myth almost everyone must have heard is that the dark color of the oil is suggestive of the need to change engine oil. The fact is that you cannot determine the validity of an engine oil merely by its color. Although, if your engine oil is gritty or grainy, that might indicate that it is dirty and needs to be changed.

  • A common misperception or myth prevailing nowadays is that by adding additives to your engine oil you can improve your engine’s performance. However, this is quite far from reality. Modern engine oils have all the necessary additives and do not require an additional element. Thus, it is sensible to invest in premium engine oil instead of spending on expensive additives.


Final Thoughts

Since we have already established the importance of engine and engine oil, it is evident that if you need an efficiently working used engine, you don’t only need the best place to buy a used engine but also some knowledge of engine oil which would allow you to differentiate among myths and facts.  

Elitsa Shira


I am Elitsa Shira from Houston. I write and share tips and guide to buy or analyze used auto parts before buying.

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