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Mt. Kailash's Legend Stories


@Jayden Smith @LorcaMany travelers back from Mount Kailash tours told that they got mysterious experiences and ethereal feelings, such as when viewing the incredible shimmery lights.

As the holiest Mountain in the world, Mt. Kailash attracts people from all over the world to make arduous journeys just for getting close to it.

Although thousands of people have climbed the Peak of Mt. Everest, the fact remains that Mt Kailash with a lower altitude is never to be conquered. Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon, and Jainism recognize it as the center of the world. It is a pact among climbers not to scale the holy summit.

And the most mysterious fact is, the Holy Mountain itself resists any challenges from climbers. Sometimes, sudden turns of weather take the climbers back. The strangest story is about age. It’s said that a few people who were close to the rocky surface of Mt. Kailash getting old very quickly and died in one year.

Who dares to break the holy center of the world? Only do the Kora Pilgrimage to get blessed from the Holy Mt. Kailash.

Besides, there is an interesting love story about Holy kailasam mountain, Lake Manasarovar, and Mt. Naimona'nyi.

According to the legend, the Himalayas mountains and the Gangdise mountains are two well-known families. Naimona'nyi was an outstandingly beautiful woman from the Himalayas. One day at dusk, while she was leading the sheep on the way back, she heard a melodious song. She was attracted to go forward in the direction of the song and met a boy there, whose name was Kailash. They had a sweet night together and the next year, they got married.

Soon later, the annual horse racing festival was held. Hundreds of excellent riders took part in the racing, who was from the Gangdise Family, the Himalayas Family, the Kunlun mountains Family, and the Tanggula Mountains Family. Kailash won first place with his exquisite equestrian skills. As he accepted flowers from girls, he was suddenly fascinated by a pair of beautiful eyes, and could never forget again. One day at dusk, he was sadly sitting by the lake missing the beautiful girl, when the lady appeared. She was the daughter of the Sea King and tired of living in the sea. For the first time to meet Kailash, she fell in love with him. And her name was Manasarovar. They dated a lot by the lake.

Naimona'nyi found this out later and felt extremely painful. She loved Kailash so much, but Kailash was unable to control his desire. In agony, Naimona'nyi decided to go back home to the Himalayas. She had to get through a vast prairie before dawn, or God of Dawn would take her soul and change her into a mountain. She fell to successfully make it. Finally, she became a mountain covered with ice and snow, alone standing between heaven and earth. People named the mountain Naimona'nyi to remember her. In the Tibetan language, it means " Hill of Virgin Goddess ”or “Goddess Peak”.

When Kailash woke up early in the morning and found his wife was not there with him anymore, he did look for her here and there and finally found the snow-covered mountain peak Naimona'nyi. He was so sad with huge grief that he suddenly turned into the Mt. Kailash, standing there and looking in the direction of Naimona'nyi. It is like that he was calling his wife with deep regret.

And how about  Manasarovar? It was her fate to turn into a lake, between Naimona'nyi and Kailash. She still wanted to attract Kailash. But Kailash already woke up. He was always staring at Naimona'nyi, no attention for Manasarover anymore.

This is just a legend story. In fact, Manasarovar is the very holy lake inside of people’s minds. It is said that a dip in the sacred waters of Manasarovar can wipe off your sins from the last 7 births.

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