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Mitigate the operational time and cost only with Sony Geotag

Over the last decade or so, we have been witnessing the commercialization of drones, extensively deployed in drone-based geotagging and plotting applications. Such increased demands of drone-based geotagging devices such as the Sony Geotag from Air-Supply can be attributed to the higher affordability and effective implementations supported by large OLED display units. This process of capturing geographic coordinates to the media-based location of a mobile-centric remote device entails inserting topographical metadata to the snapped images and videos. 


Such state-of-the-art imaging techniques for UAS or drones are widely used by varied sectors of the society like law enforcement services, defense sectors, agricultural topographical usages, weather forecasting, waste management, administering global pandemic situations, maritime usages, disaster management, and also urban development designs and infrastructural progress. 


What are the Fundamental Upsides Obtained Through Drone-Based Geotagging Functions?


Help to Reduce Operational Cost and Time


The surveying operations and associated geotagging or adding precise coordinates to captured images and videos can prove to be highly cost-effective for different industrial applications, helping to bring down the overall inspecting cost and time. Such innovative drone technology also aids in inserting the specific image-based topographical identification metadata nearly five times faster than any land-based method. In addition, such drone-centric geographic coordinates identification process needs the least workforce to administer them, as the entire technique is coordinated remotely, thereby mitigating both the exploratory time and costs. 


Acquire Precise Imaging and Geotagging 


Capturing images or videos through such highly zoomed-in drone cameras aids in providing highly accurate data points or topographical coordinates of snaps and vids that offer requisite measurements as per the appropriate altitude levels with natural colours. With such authentic and pinpoint data measurements, any industrial or private cartographers can effortlessly design flawless 3D representations of diverse business topographical features, like urban planning, emergency and disaster administration, agricultural modelling, or defense-related security procedures, especially near the international border areas to stop terrorist encroachments. 


Again, such drone-based geotagging and plotting can be illustrated in distinct configurations of DTM, DSM, Orthomosaic, point cloud, and contour lines that offer enhanced cartographic preciseness, wherein each pixel in the charted 3D map has accurate 3D geotagging data points. 


Easy Plotting of Inhospitable Terrains


Aerial charting with drones and tagging accurate geographical coordinates to images and videos can be accomplished in almost any area and across different industrial verticals and usages. Coming with remote operational facilities, such drones can be controlled in any type of inhospitable terrains and extreme remote spots, thereby obtaining the most precise plotted maps, images, and videos, and subsequently inserted with pinpoint topographical coordinates. 


Unlike land-centric surveying methods, such remotely managed drone-based imaging and geotagging can be easily operated in possible or impossible locations, wherein the authorities never have to restrict public transport facilities to be stopped for such operations. In addition, they are capable of withstanding any extreme climatic conditions such, acute snowfall, rains, or torridity.  


Offers Safety for the Crews


Moreover, such image capturing, or plotting and subsequently adding geographical coordinates can be accomplished remotely, without risking the lives of the crews, especially when the operations are done in some harsh terrains and precarious locations. Besides, these innovative drones are also capable to check the viability and security of such mapping zones for estimating the materials, and inventory, including other assets that will be required to accomplish the entire geotagging functions.


Additionally, the operational teams engaged with the functioning of drones for geotagging purposes can remotely assess the length and width, and also the elevation of the location where such operations will be executed. Hence, with drone technology, the operational team can take a sigh of relief by operating from a safe distance, while saving the time, as well as the cost of completing the project.  


Final Verdict


On account of such cardinal benefits offered by drone-based geo tagging devices such as Sony Geotag from Air-Supply, it would be a judicious option to choose such precise surveying tools that can easily operate, without any impediments. 


Besides, with thousands of hours of commercial exposure as UAS operators, Air-Supply provides dedicated after-sales assistance for such high-end drones, thereby streamlining the entire operational procedures. 

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