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Minding Your Business Podcast Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Some business leaders tucked their head in their shell and binge-watched their favorite shows. Others took a furlough to their second home or took up the ukulele. LCG Brands took a completely different approach.

In April of 2020, LCG Brands founder Jodi-Tatiana Charles launched a podcast to spotlight and encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses through the pandemic. This month, the Minding Your Business podcast is celebrating one year and 150 interviews.

Minding Your Business podcast, a pandemic lifeline

When the coronavirus​ hit, small business​ owners in the U.S. and the world over​ were forced to navigate new grounds and make difficult decisions – from moving operations online, reducing staff or instantly creating new revenue streams. Innovators​ and entrepreneurs are among the majority of small business owners directly impacted by the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Minding Your Business podcast is a place where entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and NGO’s (non-government organizations) around the world talk about their business, how and what they are doing to keep afloat during the pandemic​ and what they will need to mind it well after.

“The business didn’t start without the person, and this is what Minding Your Business is all about,” explained Jodi-Tatiana Charles. “It’s a series of conversations. Minding Your Business gives small businesses and innovators a voice during and well after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Helping to change the world

With over 3,000 hours watched, and more than 287,400 online impressions, Minding Your Business is getting audiences engaged in supporting small businesses that are finding ways to keep their doors open and their people employed. At the end of every Minding Your Business conversation, there are sponsorship opportunities and additional information about the company.

Jodi-Tatiana Charles continued, “We’re proud to have reached this milestone but we’re not stopping. We’ll continue to spotlight entrepreneurs and small businesses because they need our help and essentially, the world needs them.”

To nominate an entrepreneur, small business, non-profit / NGO for Minding Your Business, contact Jodi-Tatiana Charles at 

To learn more and view Minding Your Business podcasts, visit

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