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Automattic's Disqus is a blog commenting system. It's a great feature for users. The same Disqus account must be used on all blogs that utilize  MechCollege. Your next time you sign in to make a comment on any Disqus-enabled website will be notified if you write a response on another website. Search engines may mistakenly attribute comments to Disqus rather than your website, causing issues with SEO (SEO).

To accomplish this on Disqus, just put a link to your website in your profile. And anybody interested in you or your website may find it by clicking on your name or avatar! The engineering blog MechCollge has a page similar Disqus MechCollge.

Disqus isn't a conventional comment system. Disqus handles online comments. You may question why you would choose a company that solely values feedback. Because your theme's comment features will take care of everything. Disqus has several unique characteristics that make  MechCollege a useful commenting platform for engineers. If a person has a Disqus account, any comments they post on another website will be updated with the latest Disqus comments. Disqus also handles emails and other services. Using Disqus as a website administrator also has numerous advantages. For example, you might have a panel customized to your requirements. This is especially useful if you have several highly rated websites.

Activist Censorship (SAC)

Disqus has a robust spam filtering mechanism in place. Despite Disqus' claims that comments are not moderated, my comments are tagged as spam within 15 seconds, indicating they are not being reviewed by humans. When I asked why one of my favorite websites had marked my comments as spam, the administrator claimed he hadn't seen them. He watched as I uploaded another file (after telling him), and it didn't appear on his website.

Is Disqus better than Komentbox?

Using Disqus is a superior choice since it has many helpful features and is used by over 4 million people worldwide. Unlike Disqus, KomentBox may be monetized. KomentBox's Native Ads and NLP Captcha enable users earn extra cash. Unlike Disqus, it increases website engagement, income, and traffic.

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