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Manoj P Kudtharkar - A Social Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Youth Leader, Youth Politician

Manoj P Kudtharkar - A Social Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Youth Leader, Youth Politician and Change Maker from Bangalore.

Coming from a humble background, Manoj’s resourcefulness was evident from the early years itself. Dropping out at an early age with an intent to support his family, Manoj has accomplished things no one expects out of an dropout.

From working as a courier boy, working in a tea shop, then a sump tank cleaning business, to becoming one of the most reputed printing company of a city like Bangalore, Manoj has seen, endured and lived through multiple phase of life that have carved his persona the way it is today. He doesn’t give up. He just doesn’t. And nothing is ever enough, Most people, after accomplishing as much as he has, will like to relax for a while and reap the fruits of their hard work, but he just wants to move forward towards accomplishing bigger things. It’s not just entrepreneurial success that drives him, but a desire to serve people and a sense of unadulterated patriotism that was embedded in him.

Manoj Kudtharkar is a Change Maker for the society and he is quite popular character known for his wit, tenacity and humility among everyone.

You have to be the change you want to see in the society. Manoj Kudtharkar wants to lead by example. And there cannot be a better place for him to start his journey than Bangalore, the place that gave him his identity and made him who he is today. From a bike mechanic to the bureaucrats and veterans.

Bangalore, despite being one of the best cities in India, has its own problems. As a change maker Several Improvements can be made in the current Waste Management protocols within the BBMP limits. Residents need to be further encouraged to use sustainable practices in their daily lives so that the elegance of the city can be preserved.

Along with that, quite some amount of youngster today are disoriented and needlessly disgruntled at trivial issues. They are nitpicking problems in their life and are missing out on the bigger picture. Their voices need to be heard, their concerns need to be addressed but more than anything, they need to be told that the solutions to most of their problems lie within them. Only hard work and resolve , our country can be steered towards a better future.

Feminism is the need of the hour, but some elements of its new wave are taking the movement in a wrong direction. Because of some misguided people, Feminism is looked upon as scheme where women are just cherry picking privileges. It has to be taken forward in true sense, where women just don’t get the rights similar to men, but also play an equal role in moving the society and economy forward in the right direction. A change makers thought in the feminist point of view.

Manoj P Kudtharkar


Manoj P Kudtharkar - A Social Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Youth Leader, Youth Politician and Change Maker from Bangalore

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