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Let’s Deep Dive into Heavy Wrecker Service and Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Naperville is located 28 miles away from the city so it is common that a lot of residents there to have their cars. Since it houses the Moser Tower, Millennium Carillon, and Centennial Beach, along with extensive parks and forest preserve network, they tend to get a lot of tourists resulting in more car traffic. Because of that, there are also a lot of towing companies found there and most of them run 24-hour services to help the car owners in case of emergencies. From heavy wrecker, heavy-duty towing, and recovery services to regular roadside assistance, you can find a lot of towing services to help you in case your car starts acting up.

What is heavy wrecker service?

For heavy wrecker service, wrecker trucks are often used to recover cars. They typically have a large boom and extra cable on the winch to allow access to more precise areas of a vehicle when needed. Sometimes a wrecker truck can be also used as a tow truck but a tow truck cannot be used as a wrecker truck.

This service can be classified into:

  1. Load shift - through the use of forklifts, skid steers, and pallet jacks, they shift the car’s load and correctly distribute the weight to meet legal requirements over the axles. This is done to perform a load transfer and transfer parts of the cargo onto another trailer or container.

  1. Pull start - starter going out of the semi-truck.

  1. Decking - when trucks are decked or undecked using a heavy-duty wrecker.

  1. Semi-truck jump-start - for semi-trucks that need jump-starts.

  1. Diesel delivery and gelling - when a car’s gas tank gets emptied in the middle of nowhere, they provide diesel, fuel, and gasoline delivery. Diesel gelling is when the diesel starts to harden and it needs to be unfrozen.

How about heavy-duty towing and recovery?

Heavy-duty towing provides roadside assistance for RVs, semi-trucks, semi-dump trucks, buses, tractor-trailers, and any other large trucks. While vehicle recovery retrieves vehicles involved in accidents and serves many police departments in this capacity. They also take into account recovering vehicles that have rolled over, are underwater, or are stuck on objects. Additionally, towing companies recover cars involved in an accident and store the wrecked or disabled vehicle in their secure storage facility until your insurance company can send out an adjuster through heavy-duty towing and recovery.  They provide traveling axle flatbeds for transporting construction equipment and containers, as well as moving damaged or disabled trucks that have no rolling wheels. Lastly, they perform tractor swaps and send your truck back home to base. 

So, to sum it all up

They say that every job in the world can be dangerous and that is true, more so for driving due to the many unpredictable factors that affect the car, the person driving it, and the passengers. Such factors may even result in accidents that can border between minor and life-threatening. Good thing that there are towing companies out there ready to serve and help you 24 hours a day. Standing by, ready to assist with a complete range of light, medium, and heavy-duty towing services. Rapid to respond and affordable, especially in Naperville. 

Knowing that there are such towing companies you can turn to in the event of an accident, you can drive with more ease and lesser anxiety. From heavy towing to common roadside assistance, it is only right that you choose a company that is both reputable and of course reliable. They operate with an urgency to get you back on the road immediately, safely, and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Heavy-duty towing and recovery are very demanding and hard work. Therefore, you must make sure that operators of heavy-duty wreckers and certified tow trucks should be trained and be well equipped to perform in even the most challenging situations. It is also important that you make sure that the towing company you choose works with and directly bills all major insurance companies when the vehicle is stored in their impound facility. So that whatever happens, there will be lesser damage and lesser problems.

Choose a towing company that focuses on customer service, using only the latest equipment and technology, and employing the best tow operators.

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