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Kitchen Worktops Have to Withstand a Lot

One of the most important decisions when buying a countertop is for your kitchen. Because no other kitchen element is so slowly used and at the same time so significantly shapes the design!

Therefore, you should fully weigh the features, durability, and price. The image of porcelain tiles slab countertops has changed. For decades, these most heavily used kitchen surfaces had to be cut and heat-resistant, water-repellent, sanitary, and easy to clean. But that has changed. With the importance of the kitchen as part of the living area and representative room, worktops have become a prestigious object. In addition to the more different materials from which they are now made, the manufacturing processes have also increased, so that real-looking imitations also offer affordable solutions for bargain hunters.

In 2007, the balance of high-pressure laminate panels (HPL) was still 83 percent. It has not been the case for a long time. The trend towards simple materials has given natural stone a great boost. In addition, the changes around artificial stone serve a variety of offers. Glass, ceramics are also finding their way into the kitchen. They provide corresponding added value, especially when it comes to the desire for purism and modest colors. While moving stone grains were still popular in the 80s and 90s - those who could afford it chose granite, others the imitation - today worktops should ideally blend in tone-on-tone with kitchen furniture. This also includes the trend towards thin panels. The previous preference for the massive is long gone.

This is how much kitchen countertops cost on average

  • Kitchen worktops made of laminated wood fiber supply cost between 10 and 60 euros per meter.

  • With real wood, the prices rise sharply. Here you have to consider 200 to 500 euros, depending on the type of wood.

  • Natural stone countertops, on the other hand, are available for 100 to 400 euros.

  • Artificial stone or quartz composite (brands such as Silestone, Dekton, CaesarStone, Zodiaq) is higher at 250 to 400 euros because of its pore-free surface. However, the plate width also determines the price here.

  • The price for ceramic countertops starts at 600 euros. An exclusively fired ceramic worktop costs at least 1000 euros.

  • Glass worktops have conquered the kitchen market in recent years. It is precise because they are so thin and shiny that they look particularly elegant. Ideally, it is safety glass, available from 300 to 1000 euros.

  • A concrete kitchen worktop is poured to match. Polishing and sealing are also time-consuming. The price per meter is therefore by no means less than 400 euros unless you pick it up yourself. But it's tricky.

  • Stainless steel worktops are available in a wide variety of designs from very cheap to very high.

  • Worktops covered with tiles are almost impossible to see these days. Depending on the type of tile, the prices range from cheap to expensive. Here, too, there is the opportunity to become a tiler yourself. In the end, clean edges determine whether it looks good!

Decision criteria for the material of your worktop

Because there are so many choices for countertops today in terms of materials, colors, formats, and styles, there are a few important questions you should answer yourself before you make up your mind. It is not only the appearance that is decisive, but also the question of how much you will stress your worktop. The worktop types listed above can be ascribed the following material properties:

High-pressure laminate:  Inexpensive, harder than wood, but not as durable material. Insensitive to light and odor and available in a wide range of colors and designs. However, the surface is sensitive to heat and cuts.

Solid wood: Durable, renewable raw material with a natural look and a silky feel. Has an antistatic effect and ensures a pleasant room climate. Available in various types of wood, from classic oak to modern bamboo. Sensitive to stains and water.

Natural stone: Constructed of granite, marble, slate, or limestone, the natural stone goes well with the country house style or in the luxury kitchen. Mostly well-sealed and yet not only indifferent to coloring foods or fruit acids.

Glass: Made with a special hardening process for improved breaking strength. An elegant eye-catcher, specially colored and in a matt-satin finish. Not scratch-resistant, but very hygienic and easy to clean. However, deep in contact with foods, etc.

Mineral material: Solid, colored, modern composite material made of mineral components and acrylic. Elegant, velvety, homogeneous, and pore-free surface with a depth effect and a silky feel. Does not require sealing, is very easy to care for, and food-safe.

Porcelain ceramics: Material developed for aerospace manufacturing with a high degree of hardness. Very durable, even after intense use and frequent cleaning. UV-resistant and of low special weight. Glasses clink due to the hard surface.

Tiles: cut-resistant, insensitive to heat. Depending on the type and size of the tile, its durability against impacts also varies. Edged by a wooden frame, it can be easily installed on-site. However, joints are very susceptible to soiling.

Concrete: possibly resilient and heat-resistant, acid-sensitive, but scratch-resistant. Regular impregnation shields against fruit acid stains and shields against the ingress of water. The resulting patina adds to the charm of particular worktops.

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