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ISO 39001 Documents and its Requirements

The latest version of ISO 39001 was published in 2012, and this ISO 39001 Awareness is for road traffic safety management system to enable an organization that interacts with the road traffic system to reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes which can influence, it is considered as a global issue, as the number of accidents that occur worldwide is constantly rising.

The ISO 39001 worldwide standard is included with prerequisites that help associations to set up and execute appropriate RTS arrangements, targets, and procedures. Experts, who work with street traffic wellbeing, can become ISO 39001 confirmed and assist their associations with accomplishing these objectives and targets. Documentation for Road Traffic Safety ISO 39001 Manual, Procedures, exhibits, sample forms, audit checklists, etc.

Advantages of ISO 39001 Road Safety Management frameworks are Contribute to public and worldwide endeavors to forestall passing and genuine injury in street crashes, Demonstrate hierarchical obligation to an issue of critical public concern and Promote the association, work on its profile, and increment business.

ISO 39001 Standards requirements are as below:

  1. 1.       ISO 39001 Manual: Here you have to prepare a Manual that defines implemented system in the organization as per ISO 39001:2012 requirements.
  2. 2.       ISO 39001 Procedures: There are some mandatory procedures that define the various requirements as per ISO 39001:2012.
  3. 3.       ISO 39001 Exhibits: The Exhibits provide detailed instruction as per ISO 39001 standards.
  4. 4.       ISO 39001 Formats: There are sample forms to maintain records as well as establish control and create a system in the organization.
  5. 5.       ISO 39001 Audit Checklist: ISO 39001 Audit Checklists helps you to get information about road traffic safety management system requirements.

Global Manager Group is one of the leading ISO consultants that provide such readymade ISO 39001 Documents and Training Kit to download online which are based on road traffic safety management system and can be used as a reference to minimize the documentation process and save time.

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