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Is there a Need to Market Your Property on the Property Listing Portals?

Sunaina let her property on rent without any market research by just hanging a board of ‘To Let’. Many prospective tenants approached her over phone call and she had shown her property the n number of times she got a call from the prospective tenant. It became very difficult to manage. She even had to keep her property vacant for months due to this hassle.

She managed with the rent agreement somehow that charged her double times the market rate. The rent agreement still missed the important clause of security amount. Due to this the tenant didn’t pay her the full security amount. There was no clause mentioned regarding the repair and maintenance cost that had to be paid by the tenant.

The tenant sublet her property to some other tenant without informing her. Tenant didn’t paid her the rent amount regularly every month. She had to struggle a lot and pay huge amounts to evict the tenant from her property.

When she told her renting story to one of her relatives. He told her about the rental property listing portals.

Let’s see what did her relative said and how can that be helpful in marketing the property:

Property posting in just three steps

·         Post your property by just logging in to the listing portal.

·         Get verified.

·         Enter your property details.

·         Confirm the details.

Once your property is listed you will receive call by their relationship manager who will ask you that wart sort of tenant you want. For example you might prefer students who wants to live in sharing.

Marketing will be done by listing portals

Once your property is listed it is ready to be marketed. You won’t have to find the tenant by hanging a “To Let” board and ask for references to anyone. They will do the marketing and advertising of your property.

Tenants will be verified

You will receive all the verified and qualified tenants with background check and screening done by these companies. You won’t have to filter or screen the list of prospective tenant. They also check the financial background of the prospective tenants to know that they will be able to pay the rent on time or not.

Will show your property with responsibility

Will take care of your property proactively and handle the keys safely. You will even receive before and after pictures of the property. The prospective tenants will be taken to the property only under the supervision of their relationship manager and this will be addressed to you each time your property is being visited.

Take care of all the issues related to rent

All the issues related to the rental property will be taken care by the listing portals. Be it rent not received on time, documentation, maintenance of the property, security not received, any other nuisance created by the tenant.

Sunaina became so free after hearing this and made her mind to list her property on the renting portal to avail of the services that made her tenant search and accommodation easy.

Renting Touch


Renting touch provides a robust system that removes all your rental home queries by catering its clients .i.e. landlords and tenants.

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