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Introduction to Email Drip Campaign with best benefits 2021

Boost up your email sending practice with a great platform for your organization. No need to wait for long to get the right time of sending the right email to the right customer. We are introducing to you the “Email Drip Campaign” which is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. A person can prepare an email with accurate information like the way he/she wanted and later on set the interval so that email will be sent automatically to that lead/prospect. Simple and outstanding! 

What is an Email Drip Campaign? 

Earlier, this question was bouncing around your head. Let us clear to you that it is a pre-written email that will be sent with a fixed interval to save your precious time. A better or you can say one of the holistic methods to nurture relationships with everyone who is involved with your business. 

The real statistic about the Email Drip Campaign is: 80% is the open rate of this email marketing platform and this platform minus the cost at least 33% for all. One more thing to uncover and is “How many types of drip campaigns are there to help you”. There are 6 main to know-

  • Competitive Drips

  • Training Drips

  • Educational Drips

  • Promotional Drips

  • Top-Of-Mind Drips

  • Re-engagement Drips

Superfine benefits of Email Drip Campaign to manage your business

After getting aware of “What is an email drip campaign” and the types of it, let’s find out how it can help us more in our day-to-day activities. 

  • You set the interval that doesn’t mean it shares false information to tarnish your business brand. The key role of this platform is to present the right information to the correct lead. It already focused on user interaction, stage of the sales cycle, etc. 

  • A business will get maximum benefit like sending email on time, getting sales at the right time, and more importantly, everything will be done with less effort. Sending email with a set interval means customers feel like you want to get engaged with them and this is the plus point for your business. 

  • With the assistance of a drip campaign for your business, a user can send segmented emails to their potential leads or to a new customer who purchased something from you. It is to remind them that you still have the opportunity to explore more and get the best product to cater to your needs.

Sarthak Gothwal


I am a Senior CRM developer having great experience working in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. You can check my collection of some amazing plugins on both these platforms, visiting the Outright Store.

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