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Install the new trailer technology of On-Lift landing to reduce road mishaps

With the emergence of smart trailer automation of OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) approved On-Lift air-powered landing automated gear, trailer safety enhancement has been distinctively boosted. Such world-class technology removes the driving-related lapses, thereby averting any muscular-skeletal abrasions and sprains that were heretofore caused by repetitive cranking of the landing gear.


Therefore, with such global recognition of the US regulatory authority, the transport organizations can find the ease of manoeuvrability with heightened gratification level of the truckers by introducing this new trailer technology from the well-known suppliers of Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems. 


How the Innovative Trailer Automation of On-Lift Landing Gear Improve Safety?


Improved Safety in Trucking Ventures with Zero Lacerations 


The ultramodern OSHA-certified pneumatic On-Lift landing gear automation is the most exclusive and patented trailer safety mechanism that brings in the overall safety for the trailers, as well as the truckers. It substantially reduces the abrasions for the truck drivers due to the elimination of the process of manual lifting and lowering the landing gear.


This unique landing device has been rigorously substantiated through live tests with fully-loaded consignment that includes 30,000 cycles without any breakdown, similar to 20 years of trailer operation with five drops and hooks per day. Again, the On-Lift simply removes the repetitive action, and the high torque needs of manual cranking function, therein mitigating the muscular-skeletal injuries considerably, resulting in a potential reduction in the worker’s compensation costs. 


With such cutting-edge trailer technology, the truckers can run their trailers hassle-free, as no supplementary power for operation is needed, wherein the pneumatic-based supply of air is allocated directly from the Emergency Brake System. In this context, the set up of the On-Lift landing gear adheres to the FMVSS Title 49 Section 121 standards for trailer manufacturers, while the safety and efficiency are assured by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).


As the automated mechanism only weighs less than 15 lbs, it can optimally protect the truckers by getting rid of all musculoskeletal injuries and lower back sprains from up to 10% down to zero. The raising and lowering functions of the landing gear take incredibly less than 10 seconds with a force of ½ lb, unlike the previously used manual cranking of 5-10 minutes, and with 50 repetitive cranks. In addition, the On-Lift gear can easily tolerate extreme weather conditions and can be effortlessly mounted onto the trailers within 1-2 hours at the most.


Moreover, such innovative trailer automation aids the truckers to park 5 trailers, in lieu of 4, thereby portraying a considerable boost of 20% or similar to 1000 sq. ft. of space. Herein, a 70,000 lb loaded trailer can be lifted by the On-Lift Model 2000, while the 100,000 lb of trailer cargo can be easily raised by the Model 2000 HD. 


Maximize the Performance of Truckers with HOS


As prescribed by the FMCSA, the transportation enterprises strictly adhere to the working hours-of-service (HOS) stipulations, right with the installation of On-Lift automated trailer technology. In this context, the truckers are only allowed to operate for up to continuous 11 hours per day, regardless of age or gender. Herein, they can only return to the trailer assignments after a sufficient 10 hours of complete rest. Thus, with such stringent regulations, intentional layoff from trucking ventures can be effectively negated, wherein their performance can find a suitable impetus by gaining both physical and psychological stability. 


Besides, with such stringent protocols of the HOS, the trucking agencies can optimally save on the reappointing costs of the truckers by approximately $50,000 annually, thereby gaining a yearly profit of nearly $100,000. Additionally, the shipment organizations can also acquire substantial ROI with such innovative trailer automation, due to the reduction of trailer defacements by around $3,700 yearly, and about $40,000 from no periodic procurement of the trailers. 


Final Verdict


Perceiving these prime privileges provided by the new trailer technology of On-Lift pneumatic landing gear arranged by Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems, it will be a justified decision for trucking enterprises to derive such futuristic automation to mitigate the effects of trucker shortages and boost up their trucking ventures. 

On lift


On-Lift is the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automation on the market worldwide. The automation is capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds and there is virtually no maintenance required

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