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Our team of IB online tutor is at your beck and call at any time of the day or night. We know each of our online tutors personally on account of having rigorously vetted them and are able to create perfect matches between you and the kind of tutor you want to accelerate your academic goals. Our IB online tutors in the first few months focus on covering the content of your course and then using assessment questions and past year papers to reinforce your knowledge. Most students also lack proper exam techniques, so we make it a point to bridge that gap as well by telling them what they need to include in their responses in order to score 7. Due to the experience and expertise of our online teachers and our exemplary IB tutoring practices, our organisation has maintained a consistent average score of 6 across all subject fields. This is an accomplishment that we owe to our teachers who don’t shy away from collaborating to share study techniques that help their students ace IB examinations.

IB is a well-respected diploma program internationally known to make young adults well-rounded individuals and aggressively prepare them for a university experience, something that not all curriculums can boast about. As former IB students, we at College Placers want to share our personal experience of the short and long-term benefits of the IB Diploma with you. Firstly, our IB tutors swear by studying subjects at a higher level to gain an upper hand on non-IB students at the time of seeking college admissions. Their main objective is to develop critical thinkers and help you approach challenges with a slightly different bend of mind than the rest to ensure that you stand out in the crowd.

To aid that, our online IB tutoring service will help you choose your SL and HL subjects by decoding what you’re passionate about through a set of diagnostic tests. In the olden days, having multiple interests was looked down upon, but our IB tutoring academy encourages students to elect multiple subjects which allows them to increase their options for what they hope to study. This IB tutoring practice of ours has helped a lot of our students get into their dream universities. By pushing you to think globally yet act locally, each IB tutor of ours teaches students about global issues and injustices that others turn a blind eye to. As a result, many of our students go on to become business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, educators, medical professionals and policymakers.

In addition, our unique TOK and IO sessions, specially curated by our team of expert online IB tutors, will encourage you to think outside the box that very few students choose to do at your age. In fact, it is through our personalised IB tutoring programs and tech-enabled activities that thousands of IB students have found what they’re interested in! From our perspective, there is no better route than online IB tutoring to help you prepare for a bright future. Apart from the usual perks such as convenience and no time restraints, our online IB tutors help you with juggling multiple subjects while simultaneously upping your time management skills; our online IB tutoring practices aid your critical thinking and our Extended Essay team give you a fabulous grounding in conducting academic research. What else could you possibly ask for?

We strongly believe that every student learns in different ways and that the help they require is individual to them. Our IB tutoring team provides structured programs to assist you to reach your fullest potential. You will receive comprehensive and detailed feedback on your progress after every few weeks, or weekly, depending on your requirement. We also keep asking you for your feedback on the performance of our online IB tutor. For our online tuition platform, we use Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Google Hangouts which come with an integrated whiteboard system. This allows for an interactive and engaging learning space, where our IB tutor and the pupil build a rapport with each other, similar to an in-person tutoring program.

What our students love about us encompasses our teaching experiences and innovative methods that produce globally-minded, curious students who look at their studies with interest rather than with indignation. As life post-education becomes uncertain and the world of work changes, we need young adults with the flexible skillset to make positive global changes. From our perspective, there is no better platform than College Placers to prepare you for a bright future.

College Placers


College placers is a live online platform where our tutors provide 24/7 online tuitions to IB students.

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