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How To Smell Like A Gentleman In Every Season?

A true gentleman is not only by the way he behaves. How he smells, dresses up, and conducts himself can matter a lot. Your perfume is something that helps in getting you noticed. Henceforth, you should pay attention to picking the right one. Instead of picking a deodorant, focus on what works best for you. Here are some simple tips that will help in picking the right scent and using it in the best way to smell good. You are a gentleman, and you need much more than just perfume to stand out.

Choose Perfumes To Match The Season Vibe:

The best way to smell good in every season is by picking perfume according to it. Every perfume behaves differently in every season. Light perfumes work well in the summer and spring seasons. Strong perfumes go well with the colder temperature. Apart from all these, some scents work amazingly in every season. Gentleman perfume by Perfumer’s club and Into the Wild by the same brand are some options.

You must understand the chemistry of a scent before using it. What is the temperature, airflow, indoors or outdoors, all this affect your scent lasting. For playing safe, get one perfume of each type – one strong, one citrus, one light, and one woody.

Maintain Proper Personal Hygiene:

Having a proper hygiene routine can help in making your fragrance last longer. How clean are your skin and your clothes can affect it all. A clean and well-moisturized skin absorbs the scent properly. Always start your day by taking bath. Follow it with moisturising your skin with a hydrating lotion. Some men think that applying lotion is not manly enough for them. They prefer to use only body sprays with a pungent smell. It might smell manly and masculine, but the aroma is often off-putting for others.

Skip deodorants, unless you sweat a lot. For that even, try to use citrusy antiperspirant ones. Follow this with a nice smelling perfume. Apply the scent on your skin directly. Do not rub the perfume after applying. Let it dry naturally. If you will rub the scent, it might damage the perfume molecules. Apart from following this perfume etiquette, focus on what you wear too. A clean and fresh pair of clothes always help perfume stand out. You can spray once on clothes too. This will help in making your scent more noticeable adding freshness to your personality.

Shop Only Eau De Parfum:

The amount of perfume concentrate present in a scent matters a lot. It defines whether a scent will last more than a couple of hours. Deodorants available for everyday use often have not more than 2% scent essence. Eau de toilette on the other hand has about 5-8% essence concentration. All these perfume types are not able to last more than a couple of hours.

For those who want to smell good for hours, Eau de parfum is the best option. EDP perfume for men has more than 10% essence. This is more than any average perfume available in the market. With one spray, you can enjoy a scent for more than 8 hours. Even while refreshing the aroma, you need only one spray. Such perfumes are best for someone who is always on the go. Spray the scent once and you are set for the day.

Brands like Perfumer’s club offer small 50ml bottles. You can carry these bottles with you in your bag. This helps in having a perfume handy whenever you need it. For thoughtful birthday and anniversary presents, EDP perfumes are best. You can choose from wide perfume gifts available online. Using these simple tips and good perfumes, you will never smell bad.

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