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How To Prepare your Fleet Managed Vehicles for your Business’ Busy Season

Every year we approach the end of November and Melbourne just seems to get busier and busier until Christmas finally arrives. The streets are full of cars and delivery vehicles trying to get everything done before the holidays. It is also a time of year that is critical to the overall profit and loss of many businesses.

This not only includes the traditional Christmas retail stores, but many other businesses too. Tradesmen are all trying to get jobs finished before the holidays, catering and party hire companies entering their prime months.

Delivering your products or getting your staff to where they need to be on time is critical at this time of year. Minimising disruption to your fleet cars becomes more important than ever. Here are some ways you can prepare your fleet managed vehicles to spend more time on the road this year.

     Fleet managed Tyres. – You might think we are biased but as a leading tyre fleet management team in Melbourne, we see it every year. Your tyres are your contact to the road, so looking after them is important. Flat tyres lead to lengthy stoppages. Worn tyres combined with stressed, hurrying drivers is the perfect mix for a rear end collision.

This is the time of year to refresh your fleet tyre supplier in Melbourne to check your tyres. You don’t want to do the hardest driving of the year on worn poor tyres. To save time, why not book an on site inspection. We can come to your business and do the work there at a time that suits you.

  •    Basic Car Service. – The stop start nature of driving in Melbourne can lead to engines overheating quickly. Now is the time to check the water in your radiators, check your oil levels and prevent overheating of your engine.
  •     The start of summer can bring with it long hot days. This can be very uncomfortable when rushing around town. If staff are looking hot and bothered, it might be time to check your air conditioning and perhaps get the air con system service.
  •     It might also be a great time to rethink who looks after your fleet car tyres, van tyres or truck tyres inMelbourne. Are they giving you the service you need? Do they offer emergency help? Do they stock the brands you want? Is their pricing competitive?

Don’t add more stress to the silly season then is already inevitable. Prepare your fleet managed vehicles well now and you will appreciate it into the new year.

At Double D Tyreright, we can provide services for Truck Tyres – whether you’re looking for new, retreads, maintenance, fleet truck tyre info, or roadside assistance. We also offer professional fleet tyre management for delivery vehicles, sales car fleets, ute fleets and much more.

Contact us if you want to take a proactive step and look after your commercial vehicles and staff leading up to Christmas this year.

Double D Tyres


Along with our huge tyre range we also provide wheel replacements, fleet car management in Melbourne and a 24 hour breakdown service for commercial clients too.

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