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How to master C++ in 10 days(Clickbait)

How to master C++ in 10 days(Clickbait)

Hey, You just got click baited. I am sure you have gone through this situation before as well. Well, it’s ok each one of us has faced a similar situation at some point in our life.

To master any programming language you need to understand

and practice the basics like conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, etc.

Building a deep understanding of any programming language takes 

Time and consistency.

    You need to follow a roadmap to actually master C++

  • First, you should study about DataTypes, Variables & Operators and get a thorough understanding of data types and how to use them.

  • Now you should learn about conditional & control Statements like

Loops, execution of code on decision-making statements, and cover 

all types of loops like for loop, while loop, and do-while loop.

  • Learn about Arrays, Strings & Pointers and there are many other important topics as well such as Namespaces,  Wild Pointers, etc.

  • Functions and OOPS concepts are very important and need to be 

done thoroughly.

  • This could be a little difficult but building a deep understanding of C++

Requires you to learn about Input/Output Streams, File Handling, and Dynamic memory allocation.

  • At last, you need to practice and understand Exception Handling, Signal Handling, and Multithreading. 

To master programming skills in C++ you need to study and practice all the above-mentioned points again and again

and only you can reach a level that is close to mastery.

It’s sad but the actual bitter truth of programming and it takes

dedication and time both.

Now some points just to make you aware about how not to 

fall for clickbait.

  • The very first thing do to is how the headline or thumbnail in the case of a youtube video is worded.

  • Whenever you see a sentence like “you won’t believe what happened” or Unbelievable titles like “I cracked Google in just 30 days”. You know its a clickbait.

  • Since nowadays click baits are everywhere determining 

       a clickbait could be hard try to look for titles that get

       Straight to the point without any crispy lines and the

       most boring the title the less are the chances that it

        will be clickbait.


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