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How to Make an Engaging Virtual Sales Pitch

The virtual sales pitch is not common, but after the pandemic outbreak when most of the
businesses have been operating from home, there has been a rise in the demand for it. The
demand for such kind of sales pitch increased, especially because of lockdown.

You cannot reach out to them because of travel restrictions and health concerns, so this is the only way left to talk to them. Almost every business switched to video conferencing at the time of lockdown, and they have found it so cost-cutting technology that they are using it even now.

Virtual meetings have become a necessity when the invisible threat is lingering in the air. If you have to give a presentation to your client, you must prepare a sales pitch, and since you will be pitching them through a virtual meeting, it is called a virtual sales pitch.

It is essential to understand that the pitch you use for face-to-face conversation must differ from a virtual meeting. Your ultimate goal is to make your client understand what it is about within a couple of minutes without letting them get diverted and clinch the deal as soon as possible. Here is whereby you can compose an appealing virtual selling tone.

Concentrate on the Communication you want to deliver

It is necessary to give the proper knowledge to your landscape. You will naturally inform them of your product and service and their benefits, but this may not be enough to convert them to sales. Nowadays, people are more cautious and wary than ever before.
They want to make most of their money, and hence they want to get the desired value. You will have to tell them how it can specifically cater to them and why they should invest in it.

This sales pitch does not need to be the same for every client. You should research to understand your client so that you can prepare a personalized pitch. If you send tailored information to your consumer, they will more likely be engrossed in your commodity and service to try. They will assume that you value them because you are able to relate your offerings to their needs.

Use the right technology

There are various video conferencing software solutions ranging from Zoom to Google Meet.

You do not need to stick to a single software when it comes to conducting a video conference. Instead, you should try to be familiar with all tools.
This is because your client may not be familiar with the one you have been using, and they must be comfortable with the tool you use at the time of pitching them so they can be all ears. Make assured that you comprehend all characteristics that the video conferencing tool has to allow you. Sometimes you may have to render the presentation in the way your client is interested. If they cannot understand your product features, they may ask you to present them through infographics, charts, etc.

You must know how to use such features so you can smoothly keep the presentation running. Make sure that you use the software that comes with multiple features. If you do not have enough money to fund them, you can take out guaranteed payday loans.

Keep it short

Converting your prospect into a client through video conferencing is not that easy. One of the most common reasons for it is that it is not as engaging as face-to-face conversation. Screen fatigue can quickly make your client bored of your pitch, and they would like to walk out although they would not do it.

This may surely distract them, and as a result, your time and energy will all go in vain. Video
sales pitches cannot be very long because otherwise, your client will feel tired. Even though you have made an eye-catching and very engaging presentation for your client, it may not be easy for them to stick to the screen for a long time.

To avoid such kind of burnout, you should keep the presentation smaller. If you think that it is
impossible to cover all points in the short presentation, you can break it up into multiple sessions.
Make sure that you ask your client when is the best time to schedule the presentation with them, so nothing bothers them at the time.

How to pitch your client virtually

  • - Even if you are a great salesperson, it can be quite challenging to deliver a virtual sales pitch to your client. Although it can be tough, it is not impossible. Here are some of the ways how you can deliver a virtual sales pitch to your client. 

- Keep your pitch short. Do not be overwhelmed with loads of information just because you think everything is important. Otherwise, your client will lose interest in your presentation. 

- Put greater emphasis on the FAQ part. This way, you can understand if your client has
qualms about your product.

  • - If the presentation is too long, divide it into multiple sessions. However, it still should not be in more than two parts.
  • - If the presentation is too long, divide it into multiple sessions. However, it still should not
  • be in more than two parts.
  • - Try to include the basics in the presentation.

Wrapping up

If you deliver a virtual sales pitch to your client, it must be engaging. Use the video conferencing tool that provides you with multiple features so you can make it more engaging. If you do not have enough money, a payday loan from direct lenders with a high acceptance rate can fund your needs.


Making an engaging virtual sales pitch is a real challenge, but it is not impossible either. This article tells how you can make it engaging so your prospect can be converted into your client.

To make a virtual sales pitch engaging, you should focus on the message you want to deliver, use the right software, and understand how you deliver the pitch.

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