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How To Get Twitch Prime & What You Get When You Sign Up

@Emily John Amazon has announced a brand new premium service. For only $10 per month, subscribers get access to the all-new Twitch Prime, which is an interesting new service designed specifically with gamers in mind! But what exactly is Twitch Prime and how does it affect the gamer culture on Twitch?

The new premium version of Twitch, which has also come to be known as“Twitch Prime”, is here and it features many benefits for members, who now get automatic access to some of Amazon's services. In a recent blog post from Twitch, users were told that the idea behind this new service was to combine “the best parts of Twitch and the best parts of Amazon”.

This is the largest redesign Twitch has had in a series of big updates. The live-streaming company introduced social media-like features to increase the sense of community, as well as introduce different ways for people to upload content. It's very similar to the social media platforms you're probably accustomed to using daily, but it incorporates all users and not solely game developers.

Twitch Prime might just be the most ambitious service offered by Twitch yet. By combining the streaming site with Amazon Prime, it has the power to give users real and tangible benefits while at the same time offering Amazon a great way to offer better value and ease of use to its customers.

You'll never want things to do on Twitch with all the great free stuff you get as a Ninja subscriber. Whether you're watching streams or interacting with your favorite streamers, there's always something new, fun, and exciting going on within the community because of all the wonderful content, updates, and rewards available from the Twitch Prime service.

Amazon Prime = Twitch Prime

It's been a long time coming, but the deal between teen streaming website ​​​​​​Twitch, which Amazon bought way back in 2014, and the e-commerce giant is finally bearing fruit. In this new merger arrangement, Twitch Prime will have some features of both Amazon Prime and Twitch Turbo integrated into it. However, those who'd like to enjoy these extra benefits will have to be regular subscribers of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime subscribers also enjoy benefits similar to those of Twitch Prime subscribers. Such perks include free shipping on most purchases, exclusive access to online deals, and unlimited streaming of Amazon Video content as part of the Amazon Prime service. On the other hand, one could argue that subscribing to Amazon Prime is not worth the money; you would need to know all of your options before going in with your decision.

Amazon Prime can help you save money if you're going to be spending a lot of money shopping online. If you think that Amazon Prime might be useful for you, it's important to understand the options available because there is more than just one type of Amazon Prime. Whatever your specific needs are, there is an Amazon Prime plan for you!

Twitch Prime Benefits

Twitch Prime provides you with a variety of perks - you can watch streams without commercials and use special emoticons during live chats. Whether the most noteworthy perk is that you can enjoy one channel subscription at no cost for 30 days, or if it's some other opportunity, there are consistently options in which to find savings as a Twitch user.

While certain channels on Twitch don't focus on games -- there's a large community of artists who stream through Twitch, and a Social Eating category, to cite two examples -- the vast majority of the site IS designed around gaming. As such, several of the rewards that come with Twitch Prime are directly related to gaming.

At the time this service was announced, Twitch offered a free hero - the Paladin Thrall - for World of Warcraft players who became Prime subscribers, a skin for one of the gods in Smite named Splitbeard Loki, and an ad-free version of Streamline. Both Amazon and Twitch promised that subscribers will be offered additional in-game perks or benefits, depending on which site you play on, like characters or skins for certain games.

Not only does Amazon Prime offer subscribers access to a large number of movies and TV shows as well, but it's also great for gamers. If you're an avid gamer and you like to buy games, then this is one benefit that might appeal. Bear in mind, however, that this only works if you purchase physical copies of the games you love. Once in a while, though if they have some sort of special deal running or a special edition is released, then subscribers should see these deals appear either in their email inboxes or via their Twitch Prime accounts.

What About Twitch Turbo?

We all like to save time now and then, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you've been browsing online recently, it may have become clear that having access to an ad-free experience on Twitch is becoming more expensive. At this point, additional features such as a badge in chat for subscribers and extra emotes for subscribers will not be available for users of Turbo plans. The monthly fee has even been raised from $8.99 to $9.99.

Hope is originally a noun, but when it comes to the business world it can often take on a variety of different roles. Sometimes it's an adjective and other times it's even an interjection. Within the context of this news announcement from Twitch, "hope" is being used as a verb. That's because business owners like to hope that they will not have to force customers away from previous subscription services in favor of new ones. As long as most of them understand the benefits associated with the new system, things should work out just fine for everyone involved!

If you have a Twitch Turbo account and you don't want to subscribe to the Amazon Prime subscription, then there is some good news for you. Turbo will now be available for purchase on its own in select countries.

How To Upgrade

If you do choose to upgrade to Twitch Prime, Amazon has made it incredibly easy for you to integrate the two services. It's only a few clicks away on their site as well so let's check out how it's done. First, go to the Twitch Prime website and log in with your Twitch credentials. If you don't yet have an Amazon account, go here instead, select Get Offers (Prime Benefits) and the next screen asks whether or not you have an Amazon Prime Membership.

The Twitch stream upgrade is entirely optional and does not force users who don't want it to bear with anything that may be out of the ordinary. The streaming service still retains its core features for those who prefer it and wish to stick with the essentials. And due to support, people can continue to do just that freely without paying a cent.

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