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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1660

Canon support code 1600 bypass

Are you experiencing the error code 1660 in your Canon printer? Don't worry, it's a common error that occurs in the Canon printer. In this article, we are describing the causes and solutions for the error code 1660 You can solve this Canon Printer Error 1660 on your own without any difficulties through the detailed steps given below. I hope this will be able to solve your problem.

Meaning of this Canon code 1660.

The error code 1660 in Canon Printer is standing for improper or misplacement installation of ink cartridges. This error may occur due to several reasons. This is a simple error which can solve very easily. the causes behind this error are,

1.       Inappropriate installation of cartridges
2. Defective ink cartridges
3. Improper placement of cartridges after refilling.
4. If the printer is unable to recognize the ink tank.

Method 1
Reinstall the ink cartridges: Open the front cover and check if the red light on the ink cartridges are on or not. If the red light is off, it means the cartridges are not installed properly. So, take out the cartridges one by one and close the printer. The turn off the printer and wait for some time. Then turn on the printer and reinstall the cartridges one by one carefully. Close the front cover.
Ensure that the orange protective cap is detached or eliminated from the bottom of the ink cartridges.
After that, press the resume or cancel button to start printing.

Method 2
Clean the ink cartridges and reset it: Turn off the printer and detach all the cables from the printer. Open the cover and take out the cartridges. Then clean it and reinstall it carefully. After this process press and hold the reset button for 5 minutes. Now there will be a red light starts to blink. It means that the red light blinks when the connection between printer and cartridges is perfect. Then, press and hold the reset button until the green light blinks. The resetting process is completed and takes a test print to ensure the error is gone or not.

Method 3
Restart your printer: Unplug your printer. Then press and hold the power button for some seconds. Turn on your printer by holding the power button. Then leave it and take a test print.

Method 4
Clean and reinstall the printhead: Take out the printhead and clean it with dry cotton. Then reinstall it.

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