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How To Deal With The Discrimination Done By The Landlords

A sad reality but sounds true! People still discriminate based on caste, colour and gender, community and other factors. It is hard to believe that this discrimination is still prevalent in metro cities as well where people have high dreams and show themselves as open minded. Let’s see how we can face this and change the mind-set of whoever interacts with us (as you cannot change everyone out there).

Why does this discrimination come? 

Have you ever heard your mom saying that don’t go outside at late night cause you are a girl? Think of how it came up. Though this has come to her mind hearing many girls getting harassed or kidnapped at late night. According to the perspective of landlord if I talk then, a landlord won’t prefer a bachelor, as s/he might have a bad experience before.

No doubt we need to change our society and not our lifestyle!

Also, we will have to think of the solutions to how to avoid those unhappening incidents and not restrict ourselves of those actions.

But the question arises how this is going to be changed? In this modern and continuously advanced dynamic world, there is a need to change the mind-set of the people accordingly too. In order to not face issues while renting a flat read this blog.

Here are a few suggestions to how you can manage with these discriminations!

If your landlord says:

“We don’t give room to bachelors”

Don’t just come back after hearing this. Go to the root cause of the problem and convince their family. There might have some issues happened in the past that stereotyped the mind of your homeowner. You can assure them saying that ‘there will be no nuisance in your property and I will be like your family’.

“We don’t give room to family” 

After hearing this also you might freak out. As you are in a hurry to change the flat but you have faced rejection from many homeowners and is under pressure as the time is running out and you have to shift from the current property. Convince them by saying that you have a good past record.

“We don’t give room to girls”

You might be facing issues being a girl as many of the people don’t prefer having girls due to safety issues. Tell your homeowner that you are strong enough to deal with the circumstances alone and you will definitely treat the property as your own home.

“We don’t give room to boys”

Many times boys are being rejected by landlords as they create a mess in the property which causes homeowner to do a lot of renovations and reformations in the property. So assure your homeowner if you are a boy that you have lived successfully in your previous flat and you are a neat freak as well. If you have no bad habits of smoking and drinking then this comes as plus point for you.

“We don’t give room if you are a night person”

If you are working in night or you prefer partying at nights there are chances you will have to face a big NO by some of the homeowners. You can convince them by saying that you won’t create any disturbance to them and will handle things with responsibility.

“We don’t give room if you are a non-vegan”

There might be some cases where some owners don’t allow you to eat or cook non veg. if you are alright with that you can say that you won’t eat. But if you really need to convince them you can say that we won’t cook but you will eat it outside if you would wish to.

“We don’t give room to caste/religion other than us”

Some homeowners become typical and are more afraid to keep someone other than their caste or religion. This is a big issue and should be removed. You need ask here why they don’t prefer and then convince them that ‘there are different beliefs of different people and that has to be respected individually. So please respect mine and I will too of yours’.

“We don’t give room to the private job holders”

This is also a new preference that is not so prevalent in metro cities but is still there in some other cities. This comes out due to rent security. There is lack of stability in private job as you might have seen during the pandemic time, many of the employees lost their jobs and failed to pay the rent.  So assure them that you can pay the rent in any case.

These were some of the tips as how you face and resolve these rejections due to discriminations. But “sky has no limit” you can try whatever ways you feel! If you are looking for a house on rent at your terms and conditions click here.

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