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How to Customize the Personalized DIY Door Hangers Bases For Kids

From the wildlife obsession to the fairyland world, the kids are drolling the creativity in all aspects. They want something childish yet unique that can make them stand with a pride smile in their room. Whether you are seeking the DIY door hangers or looking for the handle boards, one thing is for sure you want something that can make your kid adore it.

So why not customize the personalized DIY door hangers with an MDF base? The quality of the hangers is so durable that lasts forever. Here, we will discuss brief details about how you can customize the personalized DIY MDF bases for door hangers.

Materials you Need:

  • Fairy Theme door hanger base (or any theme for kids)

  • Acrylic Color ( brown, emerald green, sky blue, pink, lemon yellow, and crimson red)

  • Paint Brushes

  • Painting palette

  • Varnish


  1. Pick the MDF DIY door hanger and clean it well with the cloth.

  2. Make sure to set the materials on the table before you initiate the work on the base.

  3. If you are handing the artwork, assist them thoroughly. Preferable for kids above eight years of age.

  4. As it contains quite a detailing work, make sure to use 0, 1, and 2 number round brushes for the fine details.

  5. Avoid working in the highly ventilated area or under the working fan, as the colors will dry quickly.

Steps to Customize DIY Door Hanger:

Step 1: Pick the best theme for the kids' door hanger

Here, we are working on the fairy theme door base hanger. You can freely pick the design as per the taste of your kid.

Step 2: Prepare the color palette 

Start pouring the colors on the palette. Make sure to pour just a coin size quantity and don’t use much. 

Step 3: Start painting the colors on the DIY door hangers

Now paint the base with the lemon yellow color. Here we are taking the light shade base to give a bold texture to the embossed elements. Further, start working on decorative elements like baby mushrooms, castle doors, grasses, fairy, and engraved personalized letters on the door hangers. Paint them sufficiently so that no space is left bland. 

Step 4: Let it dry

Once you are done with the colors, let it dry for at least five to six hours. It is advisable to leave the door hanger dry for a day.

Step 5: Apply Varnish on the door hanger

Lastly, we have to give the final product a glossy touch. Apply varnish on the door hanger and your DIY customized door hanger is ready to hang on the door.


You can use the multiple varieties of DIY door hangers for different purposes. If you are looking for the best-personalized door hangers, then check out the best range of Hobby India. With the world-class quality, you will also get a fine opportunity to select your door hanger that resembles your personality from the vast list of products.



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