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How Orderhood empowers, equip & integrate neighbourhood kirana stores to be the next level of retail revolution in India

Because of the lockdown, India's 1.3 billion residents today are mostly reliant on Kirana stores for their daily necessities, including food, beverages, personal care products, and home items. In terms of unexpected shifts in consumer behaviour trends and how a new-found humble relationship has emerged between local Kirana stores and indeed the customers who live in the neighbourhood, a new normal is emerging. As a result, many customers regard them as the most important source of help during the whole unusual crisis.


While the lockdown has affected how Kirana stores function, it has also radically transformed the way these Local Stores used to operate before the COVID-19. Both the business owners and the personnel have been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the social distancing is taken care of in all situations. It's to meet both the demand-related and supply-related issues that have evolved that they are constantly re-inventing themselves.


While it is true that many Kirana stores have gained new clients while the nation was on lockdown, it is also noticed that these people will only shop with the Kirana stores provided they offer services such as credit, home delivery, hyper-local applications, and hyper-local merchandising following the lockdown.


To organise the kirana stores/local shops in neighbourhood using technology, Orderhood is perhaps the first app of its kind that has been quick to understand the new issues facing Kirana stores as a result of the lockout situation. Orderhood is a smart-phone enabled application that they've created that has made thousands of neighbourhood Local Stores stronger by leveraging their individual strengths and helping them boost their profits.


In the wake of the epidemic, which unanticipatedly wiped out many of the Kirana stores, a class of people has risen: those that are the underdogs in the form of the neighbourhood ‘Kirana Store', and to service them, an influx of technologies. It's hard to fathom how influential the Kirana stores have been, not only for the billion-plus population, but also for people all around the world. They are now viewed in the same light as other critical services like healthcare and law and order.


Thanks to the small neighbourhood Kirana shops, who have proven to be dedicated to serving the society.


In the modern world, most everyday commerce is controlled by a few large eCommerce giants. These eCommerce giants that companies use to obtain their products and services from Local shops/Kirana Stores and resell them under their own brand which is not favourable to local economies.


This results in a rise in the price of goods, but also brings about a significant amount of convenience for customers as they get their choice of product delivered to home. Although the local kirana shops may have been left out in the race since they could not create an independent platform and arrange delivery services, the Local stores in the neighbourhood remain tilted in favour of organised retail.


In the majority of cases, the vast majority of consumers still prefer dealing with human faces or going over to the nearby neighbourhood shop instead of shopping from eCommerce websites.


The Kirana shops used WhatsApp and other messaging programmes to get orders to stay in business in the market. However, those were not developed with order management in mind, and most of the time, they cannot be used regularly to order.


An app platform for these Local Shops/Kirana Stores is the ultimate purpose of Orderhood. For Customers, using the Orderhood App, they are able to locate all of their local businesses and manage all kinds of orders from that single mobile application.


Orderhood gives customers access to a digital ordering platform, without providing fulfilment or distribution services. The fulfilment of orders will be handled by the stores themselves. Orderhood is a smart-phone enabled application that connects consumers with local businesses and delivers a beautiful, user-friendly e-commerce interface for managing their everyday requirements.

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