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How ISO 22716 Audit Checklist Useful for an Internal Audit?

A Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to the ISO 22716 standard helps organizations to ensure that the micro-level system and a user in fine-tuning the processes and establish a Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that gives better control. ISO 22716 certification can improve a system. If you are planning your ISO 22716 internal audit for your Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), you may look for some kind of an ISO 22716 audit checklist.

ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) also helps users in preparing and managing ISO 22716 audits by providing detailed ISO 22716 checklists. This ISO22716:2007 audit checklist is designed to be used as a tool to identify compliance with ISO 22716:2007.

ISO 22716:2007 audit checklist is a systematic and documented verification process of objectively obtaining and evaluating audit evidence to determine whether an organization’s Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) meets the Cosmetic (GMP) audit criteria and to report the results of an audit this process to the customer. The ISO 22716 audit criteria are defined as procedures or requirements of policy practices.

In other words, within the general Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the ISO 22716 checklists are used to determine whether the Cosmetic (GMP) activities comply with the established program, whether these activities are effectively implemented and how effective the Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices is in fulfilling the policy.

The ISO 22716 Audit Checklist is one of the most important documents, to verify that whether or not the implemented system and defined clauses within the ISO 22716 standards are met. A satisfactory result means that the company must proceed with the ISO 22716 certification process, hire an accreditation firm to execute an audit, and apply for certification.

ISO 22716:2007 audit checklist for Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification contains department wise as well as ISO 22716:2007 requirement wise audit questionnaire. The department-wise ISO 22716 audit checklists include audit questions for 11 departments of the organization. And, the ISO 22716 clause-wise audit checklist covers the entire ISO 22716:2007 requirements for each clause and sub-clauses as per the list given below.    

1. Department wise ISO 22716:2007 audit checklist

·        M. R. & General Procedures.

·        Cosmetic Control and Cosmetic GMP coordinator.

·        Marketing.

·        Production Areas.

·        Engineering (Utility and Maintenance)

·        Purchase.

·        Stores (Raw Material and Spares)

·        Packing and Dispatch.

·        Administrations and Training.

·        Research and Development.

·        Top Management.

2. ISO 22716:2007 requirement wise audit checklist

For each requirement and sub-clause wise ISO 22716 internal audit checklist questions are prepared.

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