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How Do I Prepare Myself Before My Corporate Photoshoot At The Studio?

To many, a trip to the photo studio is faced with much trepidation and fear What do I wear? What colours are good? How should i do my hair and makeup? To smile with teeth or just go with the icy cool look? We often have customers asking us for advice.


In our humble experience, light colours with a dark jacket tends to look fine

Backdrop colour is usually light to accommodate the dark jacket

This colour scheme is a safe setup especially for men. Ladies can also go for this but it's pretty stereotypical


Or ladies can play with light colours like pink, blue or red formal tops As long as the top looks formal not to low cut, it should work fine And also try to avoid sleeveless tops Jacket is optional but may project a more professional image


If possible, it's always good to visit the hair salon for a good, neat or stylish trim. A nice haircut will really make a difference of course, the hair shape can be edited to be slimmed down but natural is still the best


Makeup wise, for ladies, please trim your eyebrows before the appointed photo shoot day. The eyebrows play an important part in framing your face. The eye shadows should be light neutral and earthly tones.  nothing too shocking like purple or  green eye shadow. And don't overdo it on the blusher and face foundation or powder. Sometimes, less is more. 


Also avoid those shiny shimmery makeup as its non matte and reflective in the photo. As the saying goes, the first impression is the most important. Thus, we do our best to look good and presentable even in our photo. After all, our resume picture is our first impression to others who see it.


Some people try to avoid eating before the shoot in fear of looking too bloated or big on camera. This would not make much difference. There is always photoshop to fall back on to slim down that jawline or double chin.


These tips should help you ace that professional photoshoot.

Enjoy your trip to the photo studio.

Mohammed Yusri


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