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How Beginners Can Improve Tennis Game!

Tennis is an interesting game. It provides a lot of fun while playing and challenging at the same time. It gives awesome feeling watching your favourite players playing in the court. We get delighted as they play awesome shorts on the court but it doesn’t come to them like a magic, it takes year’s practice, dedication and hard work.

The top level players look awesome as they glide on the court. You must be thinking to reach there but are nervous at the same time. All this can be done by strong will power and true determination.

Let starts with our guidelines to reach pro level in tennis game.

1Choosing Perfect a Tennis Racket

There are plenty of ways to choose tennis rackets. Let’s start with beginners; Good rackets for beginners and junior-sized rackets are very affordable when it comes to pricing but don’t go with the cheapest one. Choose the one that fits your play level. One can take an advice from your coach or senior players. Once your racket is old, don’t think it’s of no use and need to be thrown away. If it’s a good racket, it be worth to re-string it and moreover tension can be adjusted according to you play level.

2. Hitting a Tennis Ball with Right approach

There are many ways to hit tennis balls  on the court but try to hit the ball at waist height. This way it is very easy to hit the ball once it has bounced and achieve height in the air.
This will help beginners to strengthen their shots and after getting batter in this one they can move to next level of game.

3Get a Right Grip for Proper Hold

There are different types of tennis grips in the market and all are meant for different purpose. Either talk to senior players or take professional advice from tennis club. Choosing a wrong or unsuited grip will result to bad hold in the game and you can develop bad habit which can affect your play level.

4. Practice is the Key to Success

We all know “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. This is an asset to all games and even that works for successful life too. Practice is always helpful in improving beginners playing level and help them reach their goal closer to each day.

Even the world famous players till date focus on their practice session and believe one should do regular practice and learn from their mistakes and work on improving them.

5. Proper Warm-up and Cool-down (before & after the game)

Remember to warm-up yourself before the game. There should be some stretching of legs and arms, even one can go for little jogging too. Warming up helps reducing muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.  Do the same exercises after performing on the court. Cooling down after your workout allows for a gradual recovery of pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.

6. Take Professional Advice for Your Game

The Best way to improve your game is to take lesson from tennis club or senior players. This will not only help you to learn good habits and moves but gives you an opportunity to meet people of similar interest and standard. Do some deep research and find good sports centre and tennis clubs in your locality and join them on regular basis.

7. Watch How Your Opponent Play in the Court

Pay attention to the opponent’s moves. Top players won’t stick to one pattern for long. They often shift to other styles after observing moves and game pattern. This will help them to be versatile on the court and unpredictable at the same time by their opponents.

8. Work on Your Speed

Tennis is known for its speed. Players are needed to move fast on the court as have to react to an opponent’s shots. If you are lacking in speed, you can do regular skipping of a rope. This will not only help in making your footwork better but helps in improving your stamina at the same time.

9. Do Regular Communication with Your Coach

Interacting with your coach is very vital part in the process of developing your game level. Your coach is your surveillance system and point out what needs to be improve and where your game is going wrong. In the end, professional coach will help you to improve quickly with right approach.

10Ask for Regular Feedback

Be it be your senior, fellow player or coach always ask for regular feedbacks. Ask them what they feel wrong in your game or practice session or where you need to improve more.   What are your positive aspects and where are need to improve if it’s your negative drawback. This will give complete structure of your game.

Wrapping up

Try to keep these tips in your mind as these will help to step closer to your dreams. Play tennis game not only as a career or exercise but try to fetch fun as much as you can.

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