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How Audit Checklist Helps for Social Compliance Certification

Social compliance refers to how a company protects the health and safety as well as the rights of its employees, the community, and the environment where it operates in addition to the lives and communities of workers in its distribution chain and its supply chain. Social compliance also refers to an organization’s perspective on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Social compliance principles help brands ensure that their own companies and the suppliers down their supply chains are adhering to ethical work practices. Sustainability and social compliance guidelines from various industries and non-profits describe such employee rights as freedom of employment, protection from being harassed and discriminated against, and safe working conditions.

Facility Audit                                                

A facility social compliance audit confirms and documents that the facility is complying with the approved standards of employee freedom of movement, correct pay, and health and safety as well as with local laws.

A social compliance audit may uncover opportunities for improvement in a number of areas:

·        Underage labour

·        Collective bargaining

·        Discrimination

·        Environment

·        Freedom of association

·        Harassment and abuse

·        Health and safety

·        Prison or forced labour

·        Wages

·        Excessive work hours

Social compliance audit checklist

There are a number of social compliance standards, but Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000) is the leading global standard for factories and organizations.  It was established in 1997 as a multi-stakeholder initiative by Social Accountability International.    


Each SA8000 audit checklist as well as other social compliance audit checklists—should include the following nine requirements. A third-party audit based on the Social Accountability 8000 standard should indicate that the supplier is complying with these requirements:

·        Health and Safety: Suppliers must provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

  Freedom of association and collective bargaining: The freedom of association and collective bargaining requirement gives employees the right to organize trade unions and engage in collective bargaining with their employers. However, compliance with this requirement may vary based on national or local laws.

·        Discrimination: Protects employees from discrimination based on origin, caste, race, religion, gender, political affiliation, and other attributes.

·        Disciplinary practices: Suppliers are required to treat employees with dignity and respect. This requirement prohibits disciplinary practices, such as corporal punishment, inhumane treatment, verbal abuse of workers, and mental or physical coercion.

·        Work hours: Suppliers must allow employees at least one day of rest after six consecutive days of work. Additionally, the normal workweek should not exceed 48 hours, overtime must be voluntary and it can’t exceed 12 hours per week.

·        Remuneration: Social compliance auditors investigate whether suppliers are paying employees a living wage. Wages must cover workers’ basic needs and allow for discretionary spending. Suppliers must also comply with local laws for mandatory income withholdings, such as Social Security and taxes.

·        Management systems: Factory managers must have management systems in place regarding preventive measures, corrective actions, policies, and documentation.

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