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Here is a brief explanation for UI UX design process

UI UX design

UI UX designer are the interfaces that the audience sees on their screen. UI UX designer includes text data and information, colors, backgrounds, icons, animations. While on the other hand, UX includes the flow of user experience and eliminating the source of friction during interactions.

UI is a form of graphic design that creates more organic traffic and grabs audience attention by attracting potential customers. At the same time, UX user experience focused on studying how users move through all the different elements of the user interface. 

User experienced developers use the method of studying user psychology, their behavior. UX developers know how to attract users and grab their attention through attractive design and graphics. These developers are only answerable for making usable, attractive and audience-generating designs. 

While User interface developers are responsible for looking at digital products before activating the application or product completely, UX developers are accountable for how all user interface elements work together to build a perfect user experience on the websites. 

User Interface and User Experience both help provide customer service for your business's target audience and potential buyers. 

Interesting Facts about UI UX developers and UX & UI development:

Peoples love to give feedback for products as well as services online. UI and UX developers do consider these suggestions from their potential buyers and implement them before launching. They also implement the visual design, find mockups, etc. and launch the new product in the best possible way. 

UI UX designers use sketch tools, principal tools, and InVision tools for collaborative image designing. On the other hand, UI UX Designer use wireframe-based prototyping tools, including Mock Plus.

UI UX designer has different skill sets. Both terms are vital for each other's success. A design can't save an interface that looks awkward and confusing to navigate. A brilliant, perfectly-appropriate user experience can go down by bad visual user interface design that creates an unpleasant look and bad image in the viewer's mind.

The UI UX Designer needs to be optimized and align with existing user expectations in order to create the best user interaction and user experience. The results are amazing after aligning these stars.

It deals with conducting extensive research. It collects feedback and suggestions from their targeted audience and new & existing customers. It understands the user's needs and demands and creates unique designs according to these parameters.


Research for UX 

If UX designers want to do anything different, they need to have a good reason because breaking a deeply trained expected behavior will likely cause people to do the wrong thing frequently.

Research for UI 

While creating user interface design, UI developers need to ensure that the visual language they choose must fit the application they are writing. They're trying to envision user expectations. If your designer's team is designing a travel app, it is essential to research how other travel apps have been developed in the past. Which technique worked? Which technique didn't work?

There are several design lessons which you can learn from the other's work!




UI UX Designer


UI UX designer brings design-centric approach to user interface and offers practical skills centered around visual perception. Good design and great visuals.

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