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HEAD Radical Tennis Racquet- Full Review

The HEAD Radical Tennis Racquet is worldwide known for its iconic features. Starting from Andre Agassi in 1990 to Sloane Stephen and Andy Murray in today’s world, all have a deep trust in this series. Diego Schwartzman French Open 2020 Semi-finalist also used HEAD Radical racquets. Even today HEAD Radical is working hard to get better day by day. 

To make sure you get correct and reliable knowledge, we have carried out a playtest with Radical MP Version, and based on this, and we will write a detailed structure blog.

Let’s start with its special specification.


               Figure or Content


Playing Level



Strung Weight

318 gram





Swing Speed




27 inches (Standard)


Grip Size




Graphene 360+


String Pattern



Head Size




Head Light



20/21/23 mm


Swing Weight


First Glance:

HEAD MP Radical Tennis Racquet is a 98 sq. inch racquet which is strung with a polyester string (HEAD Lynx Tour) and it has a string pattern of 16*9.

HEAD MP Tennis Racquet has a long throat frame which goes perfectly with its head size. It has a very unique design which is the main source for professional players for using it.

How Does it feel to Play with it?

I have played with many racquets in my career and believe me HEAD Radical has something in it which will help you in dominating the court. I have noticed the crisp feel that this racquet provides while going hard on the court. I can easily hit groundstrokes while having awesome control on the racquet. Moreover, the most important thing that I like about this racquet, it helps me throw the tennis ball wherever I want. For me, the Radical racquet is very comfortable and buzzing.


I would say the racquet is quite stiff as compared to other available racquets in the market. Of course, it provides flex to some extent when the tennis ball comes in contact with the racquet. While playing with this racquet, I would say that most of my swing is translated into right shots.

Most of the racquets are muted feel these days because of the materials which can absorb the vibrations and this technology is also available in the Radical series. In addition to this, I can easily feel while playing on the court that spin and touch is the true definition of Radical series.


The Radical series is known to be synonymous with precision and control. If you are looking to have power with this racquet, this racquet may not suitable. It’s basically made for players who are finding wayward swings in their racquets. If you doubt this, you can see its beam which is a live example of wayward swings.


Many players must be thinking, will Radical be able to produce spin? The Radical is made for players and can help in developing spin in easy attempts. If you are looking to have the right string pattern that can provide the ideal spin then you must go with the 16*19 pattern and explore the play from the very beginning.


The HEAD Radical has a reasonable amount of sweet-spot. I am very prone to miss center hits. If I compare this to another series of HEAD like such as HEAD Gravity, it’s more forgiving but lacks in precision at the same time.

My forehand drives love to play with this racquet from baseline. I can really play with all spots where I want. The main problem is with my backhand being so weak so I found that I need to work on my backhand and its fault of my game rather than the racket.

Wrap Up,

So this is all about HEAD Radical Series I have noticed while playing with it. Hope you like the information given above. If you think we have missed something kindly drop a comment in the comment section. 


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