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Global Manager Group Launched API Spec Q1 Documentation Kit

Global Manager Group (GMG) – industry leader in the global market for selling online ISO documentation kits as well as management system awareness and auditor training kits – has recently launched API Spec Q1 Documentation Kit to cater to the documentation needs of manufacturing organizations and management system consultants for the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The API Spec Q1 Documentation kit contains a set of total 180 editable document files, which are based on the latest 9th edition of the requirements of API specification Q1 standard for manufacturing organizations in the petroleum and natural gas sector.

This newly launched editable documentation package contains a sample API manual for specification Q1 that defines clause-wise details of how API system is implemented in organizations for API Q1 certification. The other important documents of this API Spec Q1 kit includes sample copies of mandatory procedures, process approaches with guidelines for implementation, standard operating procedures(SOPs), and a comprehensive API Spec Q1 Audit checklist having more than 800 audit questions to help internal auditors in auditing and to ensure API SPEC Q1 requirements are fulfilled in the organization.

The users of this API Spec Q1 documents kit can easily modify the templates and create the documents for their organization within few days. This ready-to-use API Q1 documents will help the organizations to ensure that the micro-level system is established as per the latest API specification Q1 requirements.

Any individual or organization that wants to purchase this totally new documentation package can download a Free Demo to understand the contents of API Q1 documentation kit. 

john Smith


ISO Documents Consultant

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