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Get HD quality live images and video transmissions with our Pixhawk Blue Cube

With the technological advancement and enhancement of state-of-the-art automated cordless video receivers over the years, it is now as simple as it seems to broadcast videos, as such transmitters can effectively remove the hassles of messy wires for connection. Such wireless transmitters are completely safe and easy to use for any production company movie makers, or TV broadcast station operators, as they can be set up in minutes.


Herein, the Pixhawk Blue Cube is the most ultramodern open autopilot system in the world that is modeled to meet the requirements of any commercial drone applications, or in the research field, or just for the amateurs. It utilizes the highly functional ArduPilot firmware or chip set, in which case the cube activates any remotely operated UAVs, rover, boat, or copter into a feature-packed professional drone system. 


What Prime Upsides Are Provided By Herelink Pixhawk Remote Transmitter From Air-Supply?


Easier To Install and Offers Flexibility


The inconveniencing approach of running messy cables for transmitting signals has been aptly modified by the wireless video transmitters and receiver kit that can be quickly and easily set up. As there is no need to run new wires, or re-routing the old cables for bringing a connection between the video source and display units, such cordless transmitters are simply flawless.


Thus, with no tangling wires in different industrial setups or movie making production facilities, tripping over cables is a distant dream. Again, such wireless transmitters and receivers can be altered in their position, especially during making videos over long stretches. In addition, such transmitters can effectively function in distinctly remote and harsh terrains, where human movement is pretty difficult, such as during emergency response and relief operations.


Highly Cost-Effective and Safe in Design


Besides, the commercial and industrial concerns do not need to expend on any additional devices, just the mobile video transmitters and receivers are enough for providing HD quality images and recordings. Unlike conventional systems, wireless transmitters come with distinct technological advancements making them highly demanding and also creating a safe and eco-friendly environment.


Such demands lead to an immense supply of different wireless video transmitters, therein devising their prices highly feasible. Unlike the cluttered cable lines where tripping had been an everyday affair for the industrial and commercial personnel, the mobile transmitters do not cause any injuries and property defacements. Therefore, with such enhanced safety, and sustainable designs, long-range communications, and video broadcasts are like child’s play.


Herein, the remote controller comes with a built-in screen permitting the users to acquire long-range HD videos with effective navigation and control links up to a cosmic 20km. In the process, it utilizes 2.4GHz frequency on LTE-based stations over wireless networking signals. Such radio bands are applied by the quad-copter UAVs for effortless connection with the ground-based receivers, especially in long-rate and very remote communications.


Benefits with Zero Interference 


As such mobile video transmitters provide dynamic frequency selection; the production crew does not need to worry about any noise-based disturbances showing up in the videos. Herein, the wireless device spontaneously starts searching for an appropriate wireless frequency channel that offers a low level of interference. Herein, the transmitter scans for the optimal channel available for sending and receiving the videos and images.


Used in Diversified Applications


Such highly functional mobile video transmitting devices and related remote controllers present HD quality impeccable recordings and images for diverse commercial and industrial enterprises such as agricultural 3D mapping, geo-charting, humanitarian and disaster relief, infrastructural evaluation and urban planning, disease control, weather forecasting, waste management, real estate designing, and many more. 


Such long-range mobile video transmitters from Air-Supply like, the Herelink Pixhawk comprises a large 5.5” screen portraying distinct functions of live images, and autopilot configuration with the help of the native QGround control or any other ground-based applications on the Mavlink network.   


Final Verdict


Reckoning with the distinct premiums delivered by the Pixhawk Blue Cube arranged by Air-Supply, it is simply undeniable that such mobile video transmitters and remote control receivers are peerless in providing sync in streaming Wi-Fi communicational signals and videos.

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