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Fluorescence Digital Pathology Scanner-OptraSCAN

OptraSCAN offers one of the best Fluorescence Scanner which is cloud-enabled desktop scanners, capable of scanning up to 15 slides. These scanners are equipped for fluorescence & brightfield scanning. It offers high-resolution imaging.
IMAGEPath® provides an Image Management System apt suitable for viewing, storing and archiving as well as TELEPath®, Telepathology software used for real-time, remote consultations are accompanied by OS-FLi.


·        It provides Cloud-based 15 slides fluorescence scanning

·        Benefits 20x or 40x magnification

·        14 filter cubes that are efficient multiplex imaging and can produce up to 30 combinations of excitation, emission, and dichroic

·        It has 14 slots for FL and 1 for brightfield 

Tel: +1-408-524-5300

Contact us at- [email protected]

Optra SCAN


OptraSCAN is an affordable digital pathology scanner & solution Provider. We are focused on providing affordable and unique digital pathology scanning systems such as brightfield, AI, frozen sections, fluorescence as well as confocal applications.

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