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edgebanding tape manufacturing: All Interesting facts & benefits you need to know on Edge Band!

I’m sure you have come across furniture with the most beautiful panel top but left the edges uncovered. This raw edge to beautiful panels makes entire furniture and other accessories look incomplete and ugly. The uncovered exposed edges also lead to early damage by allowing insects and moisture. Unmatching edges also create the problem by reducing the beauty of your home. To prevent these issues, edgebanding tape manufacturing is setting trends giving perfect finish matching with all kinds of plywood, laminates, panels, etc with exclusive features and easy to install. PVC Edge bands are placed on the edge of raw boards to cover the ends and thus seal them from moisture.

What is Edge Banding?

In simplest words, Edge Band is a strip of Plastic to cover the Wooden edges of the Furniture. It enhances the look of furniture and makes the edges smooth. The process of applying the PVC Edge Band in the raw edges of panels with a thin strip of PVC or resinous material is called edge banding. In India, the edge band is setting new designing trends with the fastest-growing market from the last 3 years. It is designed in wide variants of color, shade, finish, texture, etc.

History of PVC Edge Banding Tape

Let’s go back a few years. In the ’80s and ’90s when edge band was a rare concept, wooden beadings were the only edge covering product. So, whatever Laminate may be on the top, sides were covered by wooden strips called Margins which were polished or painted and never matched. 

In India, at least 50% are still using traditional wooden strips, and the rest of them have converted to edge bands. You will be amazed to know that all Europeans & Americans use only edge bands. The new generation doesn’t even know that wooden beddings also exist. For the last 5 years, the edge band has been the fastest-growing product of our industry in India.

Why is using PVC Edge Band better than Wooden bit?

  • PVC Edge banding solution makes the furniture waterproof and termite-proof to a great extent. It increases the furniture life expectancy and protects the furniture from getting damaged due to water, termite, moisture, etc.
  • PVC Edge band does not require paint or polish like it’s required in a wooden bit, since the design does not fade or get damaged for years due to daily cleaning because of the UV Layer.
  • The wooden bit does not match with the tabletop or laminates but the edge band perfectly matches with all surfaces.
  • The price of the PVC edge band is comparatively much lower than the wooden bit. Wooden bit price is in running feet while the price of edge band is in the running meter. 1 meter is equal to 3.2 feet.
  • E3 edge band makes the sides of furniture soft. Adults and small kids do not get any cut or injury due to sharp edges by other coverings.
  • No use of nails. Sometimes, a small portion of nails comes out of bidding and damages our clothes. E3 edge band is a completely nailing-free product, hence no damage.
  • The minimum adhesive is used for pasting. Only a thin layer of good adhesive is required to paste.
  • E3 edge band is stronger than a wooden bit and most importantly it is 100% recyclable & eco-friendly products.

Why Should My Furniture Have an Edge Band?

These days, it is not easy to sell a Laminate or Panel if the matching edge band is not available, vice versa, Laminates with matching edge bands sell faster. In the retail market, the customer first chooses the laminate and then starts looking for the edge band. If the retail customer does not find a perfect match then either he goes with nearest matching or cuts strips from laminates which is a traditional way and fast fading. In projects and OEM’s, although they also first select the Laminate shade, they do not place an order or start the production till they perfectly match the edge band.

Manufacturing Process of PVC Edge Band

 It is manufactured by mixing PVC Resin, Chemicals, and Pigments that are poured into the heating machine called an extruder. The Chemical mixture is heated to 200 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, PVC powder melts into liquid form in the extruder machine and comes out as shown in the picture. Then it is cooled where it takes the permanent shape of Edge Band. Then there are further processes like Printing & UV coating.

First choice of carpenter/Architect

E3 emerged as the Largest Edge band Manufacturer in India just within 5 years of establishment with distributorship in PAN India and a Capacity of 3 Lac running meters per day. E3 is now known for its high quality, wide-variant, exclusive features and for bringing PVC edge banding solution to the doorsteps of every retailer & every carpenter. The introduction of 50-meter rolls increased the robust demand. Later, E3 started its association with Greenlam adding new shades to the folder. 

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