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Does Renovation of a House Take Too Long?

Modernization has affected the way we live. Renovation of a house is usually done to bring out a whole new look and upgrade the ambiance of the place. You will want your homes to be fitted with the latest furniture and improvise the indoor décor. The houses you stay in may need a makeover. Who does not like to refurbish their homes and enhance the beauty of their personal space? Getting your homes to match with the latest standard is not as easy as it seems to be. The time required for renovating your private property widely depends on the size of your space. If the project you chose is large, then the period may vary.

On average, it takes about 8 months to get done with the task, but if the house is small, revamping demands approximately 4 months. In Sunshine Coast, people may prefer renovating only certain areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, which is not time-consuming and will be completed within weeks. The type of architecture you choose is also a factor that raises the question of “how long does it take to renovate a house.” The pointers mentioned below will give you a detailed description of the time required for refurbishing your houses.

Major Factors that are involved in the Makeover of your House

A lot of aspects should be considered before deciding on the renovation. Once renovated, the brightness and cleanliness of your house should be maintained. Deep cleaning should be a part of your schedule, to safeguard the house from dust and dirt accumulation. In case you have to shift to a new place after renovation and the house is dirty, a sudden cleanup is not going to be easy. Cleanliness is a major aspect that landlords look out for before you move out. If you cannot manage the cleaning on your own, bond cleaning experts will help you with the last-minute cleanup that will thereby impress your house owner. Some of the most important factors that should never be left unseen while getting a revamp done are as follows:


  • Size of your Property Matters

The time taken for a renovation depends on the dimension of your area. The work to be done will be framed according to the specific measurements of your house. The refurnishing period keeps shifting along with the kind of design chosen and the additional structures involved. Not just the size, but also the concerned architecture has a huge impact on the time consumed for getting done with makeover successfully. The majority of the experts aim to accomplish their tasks within a short timeframe and hand over a neat and clean house to the owners.


  • Climate also Plays a Great Role in Renovation

Weather deeply affects the process of renovation. Such factors are usually beyond your control. Climate change is unpredictable and hence you can expect a delay in work anytime. Even though weather can be rough and tough often, all the people in Gold Coast are well-trained to work in all such situations. There are chances for the workers to hold the process if the temperature is extremely cold. A freezing climate can interrupt how the concrete is set up. The summer season has its problems and hence the renovation may come to a pause for some time. Rain is also an obstacle at times. If the mud is wet, the work at the site will not be at ease. Before giving a thought, make sure to select an appropriate time when the weather is somewhat stable so the work can be carried out without a gap.


  • Keep in Mind the Delays and Permits

Apart from the delays caused by the weather, renovation can also be extended due to lag in the paperwork. Usually, the time taken to process the construction process may affect the fixed schedule. This kind of disruption can be pesky and hence all the work is kept on hold. Homeowner’s association can also deny the approval if it is out of budget. Some of the members in the association may remain unresponsive for a long time and hence prolong the completion of the renovation of your house.

The Extra Period that Should be Considered


  • Structural Design Takes About 1-3 months

This is generally the first phase. Getting your plan ready by an architect takes almost 90 days. Again, the size of the area is considered. You will need time to discuss the reconstruction with your architect. Once the pre-work is done, the designer comes up with an accurate and suitable plan according to the modifications you suggested.


  • 2 Weeks to Get the Best and Expense-Friendly Deal

Bidding usually does not consume most of your time. You will have to do some homework and come out with the best contractors so that the entire renovation is hassle-free and will also fit in your budget.


  • Getting the Approvals may Take Some Time

You will get done with all the related paperwork within a month approximately. HOA approvals are time taking. You should make sure that all the permissions are granted before the renovation. Once the agreements are signed, an inspection can be looked forward to.

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