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Do This to Take Care of Your Mini Cooper Engine

Owning a used Mini Cooper engine can be fun as you get a functioning power unit for the small and versatile car at an affordable price. The iconic coupes are popular worldwide, but that doesn’t imply that they won’t need proper maintenance. Especially, if you’ve got a Mini Cooper used engine with some miles on it, you need to do some extra bits to take care of the engine.


Mini Cooper Used Engine Maintenance Guidelines 


Oil Changes


Most models have oil changes each 10,000-mile span. However, the hot weather can raise your Mini Cooper motor's working temperature. SO, if you live in a hotter region like Texas, you should have the motor oil of your Mini Cooper S, Turbo, and Super Charged engines changed every 5,000 miles. It’s because the outrageous heat and the intensity created by the elite execution motors is a recipe for malfunction.


If you don't change your oil routinely, you can encounter issues with your VVT or Variable Valve Timing. Your VVT needs a decent progression of oil to proficiently work. Sludgy oil can impede the small sections in your VVT.


An oil change can clean the inventory sections and eliminate the blockages. The best oil to utilize is engineered engine oil utilized by most German automakers, including Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche.


Choose the Right Fuel


The right fuel is as important as using the right tools when replacing the engine. In the case of a Mini Cooper used engine, the best high-octane fuel will give it the power needed for quick acceleration and superior performance. So, ensure that the turbo models get the highest-octane ratings, with 91 as the minimum for Mini cooper engines.


Water Pump Replacement


Mini Cooper motors are made of lighter allows that give better execution. Although they have a slight disadvantage. The alloys used are not immune to overheating. Mechanics and auto engineers suggest that the cooling system of a Mini Cooper, especially the water pump be replaced every 50,000 miles.


Air Intake System


Like human beings have lungs, engines have an air intake system. They ensure an adequate supply of air to the engine and proper breathing by sifting the air that goes all through your Mini Cooper engine.


The air intake system is also responsible for maintaining the proper balance of air and fuel that goes into the combustion chambers. If by any chance, the proportion is off, it can lead to malfunctions and engine failure.


It’s known that the air intake system is a fundamental part of your Mini Cooper engine, and you ought to continuously keep it clean. So, use a vacuum brush to clean the air intake system or replace it with another one assuming it's exhausted.




Be it a Mini Cooper engine or transmission- every auto part needs to be maintained if you wish to use it for a long time. Even though you can easily get a used engine online, it doesn’t spare you from the responsibility of taking care of the engine. So, if you have secured a used Mini Cooper engine, follow these tips to ensure its optimum functioning.

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