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Designing The Display Boxes For Cosmetics – Things To Consider

There are only a handful of industries that have the potential to develop a loyal customer base, and one of them is the cosmetics and beauty industry. For the most part, beauty products have become the staple in the vanity and cabinets. Not to mention, beauty products include makeup as well as skincare products. It’s evident that every woman and the majority of men are using beauty products. 

This means that owning a beauty line creates a way for grabbing profitable business, and packaging is the first thing that your customer base will check. To illustrate, if packaging grabs the customer’s attention and speaks to them, they are going to add products to the cart. With this article, we are teaching how to design the cosmetic display boxes that make customers buy the beauty product right away!

Priming Before Designing 

Before one starts creating the packaging design, there are some priming factors that define how product packaging will appear, such as;

Defining The Ideal Customer Base

While designing the packaging, it’s important to know who you are designing the packaging. So, who are going to be your customers? Are cosmetics for white people or people of color? Are cosmetics meant for men? Are cosmetics meant to cause a storm on Instagram? Well, answer to these questions will help you determine the ideal customer base. 

Defining The Brand Personality

In addition to defining the customers’ identity, the brands need to create their own identity. For this reason, you need to consider your branding image! Is the product edgy yet dark? Are your products accessible or classic? Are your products luxurious? In simpler words, you need to curate the brand personality which is portrayed to the customers (it determines the design elements of packaging). 

How Will Customers Buy The Products?

While priming the design, the brands need to consider how the cosmetics will be sold; in-store or online. In addition, you need to consider if cosmetics will be sold at large-scale retailers or from small boutiques. This is because these factors will determine changes in the design strategy, depending on how the cosmetics will be shelled and sold. 

Development Of Mood Board 

Before you start designing the display boxes, it’s essential to create a mood board for cosmetic brands. For this purpose, you could pull together the advertisements, colors, and images that speak your brand personality. These mood boards will work as inspiration for designing the display boxes and packaging. 

Taking Inspiration From Cosmetic Packaging Trends

In case you need inspiration for designing the packaging, the first place to check the latest packaging trends in the cosmetics industry. Once you are aware of current trends, you will be empowered to create the packaging that caters to the ideal customer base and speaks to them. Generally, it’s best to choose a packaging look that’s not only trendy and modern but appealing and timeless as well. 

The Line Drawings 

When it comes down to creating the display box designs for cosmetics, the intricate drawings with details and fine lines have become the timeless trend. In addition, the handmade designs and floral drawings are perfect and can be placed in selected areas. The line drawings are perfect for brands that need to create feminine yet elegant designs!

Custom Fonts

In the graphic designing and packaging world, bold fonts are currently trending, and they can be seen on cosmetic packaging. It’s best to use unique fonts that add character to the packaging. If you want to create the brand expression, you can opt for typography or hand-letter fonts to create a unique identity. 


Ranging from unique color combinations to stripes, bold patterns have become the most intriguing packaging trend. While designing the cosmetic display boxes, one has to ensure that the patterns are placed well and are captivating and eye-catching. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that patterns on the display boxes should add a pop. 

Additional Points To Consider

When you are creating the cosmetic display boxes, you can start with the designing of cosmetic boxes, but there are some factors to consider. For instance, the cosmetic lines have to set the design standards by identifying the design elements, such as style, font, and color. Next, you need to collect the information that goes on the packaging and display boxes!

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