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Convert effortlessly and swiftly only with our HTML - RTF converter

With the advent of cutting-edge software technologies and easy-to-use applications, now users can easily streamline their work effectively. One of such highly functional software is that of HTML - RTF converter, a user-friendly digital converting tool helping in redesigning HTML documents into RTF. As the RTF format offers higher practicality, it is compatible with multiple applications, wherein no other external software is needed during the usages of this converter. 


What are the Intrinsic Rationales and Premiums of Using the HTML to RTF Application?


One of the prime reasons for utilizing the HTML to RTF application comes with its reliability of usage, whereby no external components or software is required for using it. This RTF or Rich Text Format or file is readable across different platforms and applications, offering ease-of-use while offering simpler conversions between discrete application extensions. Such a format enables users to create a file in a specific operating system while converting the same to a different operating platform. 


Herein, the applications, where RTF formats are readable are the Windows platform, UNIX, and Mac, and other desktop-based data programs, word processing applications, and also email clients. This converter uses a potent RTF parser, and HTML parser is used as TE Edit Control product and HTML Add-on product respectively. Thus, the software integrates the serviceability of both TE Edit Control and HTML Add-on to gain a cost-efficient, customizable, and highly functional converter. Again, as the RTF format is connected to the Windows platform, sharing files is pretty easy amidst different extensions. 


When the users need to save their RTF format document, they can simply use the 'Save As' option, and thereafter select RTF. They can also simply print text in the MS-Word format, saving it with .rtf extension, and sharing the same file with the supervisors, and also the clients. In addition, with the RTF format, the employees can save their operating time in encompassing distinct criteria for text extracts, emphasizing specific texts, and choosing the appropriate font and color that offers an edge specifically to the website developers and designers for ease of usage. 


Thus, this software effectively assists in an easy and stress-free sharing and conversion process of files with improved feature-enriched formats, therein adding more value to the e-files, and making the contents look appealing to the clients. The distinct document formats that are supported by this converter are xlsx, Xls, Doc, Docx, and HTML, along with the several image formats of JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF, and EMF, and more. 


Additionally, this software for conversion also assists the graphical representations, and aids to typescript letters, contents, or curriculum vitae, and others. It can also execute effortlessly for embedding and linking images in texts. Furthermore, this effective converter of HTML to RTF also assists the end-users and employees with distinct functionalities of headers and footers, Unicode assistance, creating nested tables, list formatting, right to left texting, CSS support, paper size, and page orientation, and sorting drifting image issues. 


It is always a sensible proposition to use this converter, as it impeccably functions in effectively creating HTML files in the intended format that might seem a tedious job. Therefore, this unique software serves as the most easy-to-use converter, offering cost-effective solutions of rapid multiple file conversions within batches readable on multiple platforms, including major word processing applications, and obtaining the most accurate data thus converted. 


Final Verdict 

Keeping in consideration of these exclusive premiums provided by the HTML - RTF converter, it can be the most prudent resolution for the clients to buy such dependable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective converter software only from Sub Systems. As this well-known business software provider has an in-depth exposure of 35 years, they offer authentic feature-packed software with dedicated timely technical support. 

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