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Condition monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring a particular condition in machinery, to identify changes that could indicate a developing fault. It is a major part of predictive maintenance as implementing condition monitoring allows for maintenance to be scheduled and preventive actions taken to prevent further failure and subsequent unplanned downtime.

Condition monitoring is a systematic set of processes and technologies that assesses, and monitors the condition of industrial machinery for a given time-period or environment. This is typically done through physical means, such as vibration monitoring, inert gas monitoring, or thermal. The use of these technologies can make a huge impact in maintaining industrial machinery. It improves worker safety and reduces the chances of collateral damage to the system. Traditionally, vibration analysis was the preferred means of condition monitoring, however, nowadays, modern, innovative techniques such as sensors and sophisticated softwares are being used to monitor the condition of the machines in real-time. The unique advantage of condition monitoring is that it addresses the conditions of the equipment that would shorten its lifespan, long before they develop into catastrophic failure. 

Nanoprecise’s predictive maintenance solutions work towards achieving productive results from day one with a combination of AI + IoT + LTE driven seamless monitoring, advanced sensors, and prescriptive diagnostics.

We implement state of the art scalable technology to monitor the equipment health to eliminate unplanned downtime that costs around 100 Bn. $ per year on the Global Economy.

Why Nanoprecise

Asset breakdowns happen without a warning and the challenge is to spot the signs early enough to schedule repairs. Our Automated AI based predictive maintenance solutions offer that insight and our primary focus is early detection of even small changes in machine operations well before they impact production or cause downtime.

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