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Commercial or Residential Property, What is Beneficial?

Investors need to be well aware of the terms Residential and Commercial plot investment because both the types have different trends and requirements, so it is very important for investors to pre-study both of them.

Commercial Plots:

The commercial section of any area is designed to be the center of business of any scale. Small business or large businesses, depends on the need and requirements set in that commercial part of the community. A good commercial area covers all the basic needs and almost all the luxuries of the specified society along with the location of the commercial area. The business hub should be easy access to the residential area so that the people don’t have to worry about traveling far for their basic needs although luxuries may be accessed within a few minutes drive.

Commercial buildings have to be built on the specified plots and they generate great revenue for the owner. Typically investors show interest in these plots with long-term investment intentions. The plot after construction can be rented out easily, as they start from the small plot sizes as low as 3-Marlas and up to huge malls.

Residential Plots:

The residential area is said to be the living area for the family, where they can easily live their life with comfort and facilities. For the residents, basic utilities like electricity, gas, and water supply along with security, are a must for a better stay. Also, the residents look for easy access to their job or business places, near the educational institutes, their friends, near to their relatives, and others alike.

Residency always remains in high demand, because people always find a better place to live in. Because of that lots of people are moving toward the metropolitan cities and increasing the demand for residency in those cities. Talking about Pakistan, the provincial capitals and the federal city are getting more attention from the migrants coming from different interior areas.

Over the past few years, Islamabad; the capital of Pakistan, increased in population so fast that there is a need for residents to accommodate them in this modern city at the same rate. So there are many societies on the government and as well as the private level that has been launched in Islamabad in a short span of time. Some of the well-known societies; Bahria-Town, DHA, Park View City Islamabad Housing Society, Capital Smart City, Blue world City, Bahria Enclave, Ruden enclave, Kingdom valley, etc. are serving the people by giving them suitable shelter.


Residential ones are always more demanding in the market, as compared to the commercial stuff. The reason behind this is that the payer has to give the rent to the owner on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis as per their agreement. Typically people agree on the monthly payment method. So this makes the residential plots higher in demand and prices. Residential plots also depend upon the site of the project. More easily the accessibility to the basic needs of the life will be the demand and the price rises.

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