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Class C Misdemeanor in Texas Examples You Didn’t Know About!

Crimes under misdemeanor have three levels. Class C misdemeanor is the lowest of them all but still can affect your life negatively. learn how with Class C Misdemeanor examples in Texas.? 

Misdemeanors are less severe crimes than committing a felony. Misdemeanors have three classes of crimes A, B, and C. In the case of Class C Misdemeanor, punishment doesn't include prison but can result in a fine of up to $500. 

The convict has to appear in a local court in front of the judge. In crimes like felonies, the court appoints a prosecutor, but in Class C Misdemeanors, the convict has to hire an attorney on their own. 

Class C Misdemeanors are not severe crimes but still can affect your professional or personal life. Many universities run a background check on their applicants, and a Class C Misdemeanor can seriously affect your admission. It can also reduce your chances of getting a job.

Let’s look at some Class C Misdemeanors in Texas examples.

Class C Misdemeanor Crimes

Few common Laws classified as Class C Misdemeanor are:

  1. Shoplifting or petty theft

Shoplifting is when someone picks up things from a retail store without paying for them. Shoplifting is also theft. If the article stolen costs less than $100, the crime will get classified as Class C Misdemeanor. 

In such cases, the convict isn't sent to prison but has to pay a fine of $500.

  1. Driving without license

Breaking any traffic law can land you in trouble or suspend your driving license for a very long time. Circumstances you should avoid from getting booked under Class C Misdemeanor:

  • Always carry your driving license with you in case you ever get pulled over by police officers.

  • Renew your driving license on time. If authorities find out your license is expired, you may have to pay a fine.

  • Your driving license can also get suspended if you get booked under some other crimes like 

                       a)  Drug offenses

                       b) Regular traffic violations

                       c) Not paying child support 

                       d) Using a fake ID or driving license

                       e) Running from the authorities

                        f) Any criminal activities

If booked for a first-time traffic rules violation, you have to pay a fine of up to $500.

  1. Intoxicated in public places

If you are highly drugged or not under control because of alcohol in a public place, you may get booked under a Class C misdemeanor. 

By intoxicated, the law means if the person has lost control over their mental or physical abilities because of the consumption of drugs, combination of drugs, or any alcoholic substance, then the person may have to face charges for disrupting peace in public places.

The law states a fine of $500 and a permanent criminal conviction for life for getting intoxicated in public places.

A permanent criminal conviction can affect your personal life badly. You may face trouble in getting a good job or admission to a university of your choice. It can also get used in any other criminal proceedings.

Some other Class C Misdemeanor in Texas Examples are:

  1. Simple Assault

  2. Trespassing a highly secured area

  3. Betting

  4. Carrying alcohol or drugs in the vehicle

  5. Negligence of a parent by leaving their child in the vehicle

Can you get rid of a criminal conviction?

As mentioned in the Class C Misdemeanors in Texas examples, that the punishment is not too harsh. You can get away by paying a fine of $500. But in some cases, you have to face a permanent criminal conviction.

A permanent criminal conviction is terrible for your profile while applying for jobs or universities. In this case, the convict can ask for a probation period which can be a part of deferred adjudication.

If the judges agree, they will give a verdict. But the case won't close until the successful completion of the probation period by the convict.

In the probation period, the defendant has to follow the following protocol:

1) Not breaking any other law or getting arrested

2) Participating in community service

3) Regular meetings with the probation officer

4) Paying probation fee on time

Successful completion of the probation period will result in no charges against the defendant and a spotless background with no criminal convictions.


Class C Misdemeanor in Texas cannot result in severe punishments, but committing these crimes repeatedly may land you in some serious trouble. As a citizen, be responsible and take all laws seriously for a better and peaceful functioning society. 

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