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Cheekati Chirujwaalai Song Lyrics

Cheekati Chirujwaalai Song Lyrics is latest Telugu song from Ishq Film and this song is composed by Mahathi Swara Sagar and sung by Anurag Kulkarni and Uma Neha,

Cheekati Chirujwaalai Song Lyrics

Cheekati chirujwaalai
Nippulu kurisindhe
Katthulu dhoosindhe
Gundenu kosindhe….

Gaayam chesindhee
Saayam lekundhee
Saayam lekundhe…

Raguluthondhi raktha kanam
Gundelona nippu kanam
Reyi pagalu leni ranam,
Maatallo cheppaleni
Mounamtho aapaleni

Arthamavan yuddhamedho
Naa lopala jaruguthondhi

Kaalam nanu kaalchuthondhi
Vishamai yegabaakuthondhi,
Naa premaku malinamanti
Naa hrudayam baggu mandi

Kaalechesina em chesinaa…
Naaloni narakaanni
Marichedelaa ee yaathana

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