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Causes of Breast Cancer & Best Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is mostly diagnosed in women next to skin cancer. It is due to irregular growth of breast cells and gene mutations.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when the cells grow abnormally. The rapid growth of cells leads to breast cancer. Breast cancer cells are more often found in invasive duct carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma.


Many researchers found that lifestyle change is the main cause of breast cancer. Hormonal change and family history with breast cancer is also the main cause of breast cancer.


The survey said that 5 to 10 per cent of breast cancer is due to gene mutation. The breast cancer gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 both increase the risk of breast cancer.


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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Here are some of the symptoms of breast cancer. They are,

One can see the lumps in the breast, which are different from surrounding tissues

 Sudden notice in the appearance of the chest

 Noticeable change in shape and size of the breast

 The nipple of the breast is inverted

 The feeling of skin around the nipple surrounding or scaling or flaking of the pigmented skin area around the nipple

 One can see small pits in the skin around the nipple, and one would see the skin like an orange peel

 Skin out turn into red around the breast area

Make an appointment with Dr GVK Reddy is the best Medical Oncologist in Hyderabad. Discuss the symptoms and take some screening tests.


If you find any lump or any noticeable change, Make an appointment with Dr GVK Reddy, the best Oncologist in Hyderabad. Get advice about the screening test.


Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

People with breast cancer symptoms are more prom to Breast cancer. Sometimes people with these symptoms are not affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer is because of a gene mutation that happens in the cell. Some risk factors are


Being women

Older age

Family history of breast cancer

Have undergone a breast biopsy

Already, got treatment for breast cancer in one breast

Gene mutation increases the risk of breast cancer

Prolonged radiation exposure

Attaining puberty at a young age

Attaining menopause at an older age

Never been pregnant once in the lifetime

Hormonal therapy for post menopause

Consumption of alcohol

 Being women: Women have a high risk of increasing breast cancer than men.

 Older age: People with higher age are more likely affected by this breast cancer.

 Family history of breast cancer: People who have a family history of breast cancer have an increased chance of breast cancer. But many people have been diagnosed with breast cancer without a family history.

 Hormonal therapy for post-menopause: Hormonal therapy is performed by combining estrogen and progesterone to treat menopause. It has a huge risk of breast cancer.

 Attaining puberty at an early age: Women who get puberty at the above age of 12 are likely to be affected by breast cancer.

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Prevention of Breast Cancer

Some of the following methods may prevent breast cancer.


Discuss with your doctor about the screening test of your breast - If you have noticed any change in your breast or have a family history of breast cancer, discuss with your doctor about mammograms and clinical breast cancer.

Self-examine yourselves - Examine your breast yourself with your hand. If you notice any lumps, it is better to examine them. Noticeable colour change or inverted nipple is also appreciable to examine.

Reduce consumption of alcohol - One should reduce the consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol increase the risk of breast cancer.

Hormonal therapy for postmenopause - Before hormonal therapy treatment, talk to Dr GVK Reddy, the best cancer doctor in Hyderabad, about the risk and benefits of hormonal therapy.

Maintain a good weight and take a healthy diet: obese people have an increased chance of breast cancer. Maintain a Mediterranean diet as it contains vegetables and fruits.

Chemoprevention: It is also one of the types of prevention of breast cancer. Reduce the intake of estrogen-blocking medicine and aromatase inhibitors as it increases the high chance of breast cancer. Visit Dr GVK Reddy, doctor for chemotherapy Hyderabad.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be diagnosed by the following method. They are,


Breast exam


Breast ultrasound

Perform Biopsy( removal of sample tissue from the breast)

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Treatment of breast cancer varies from stage, type, and size.


Breast cancer surgery

Lumpectomy: In this surgery, the tumour and small marginal tissue are removed. To shrink the size of the tumour, chemotherapy is performed. Visit Dr GVK Reddy, chemotherapy doctor in Hyderabad.

Mastectomy: In this technique, whole-breast tissue will be removed include duct, lobes, nipples, and fat tissue.

Sentinel Node Biopsy: This surgery is done to check whether cancer has spread to other parts or not.

Axillary lymph node dissection: If cancer has spread to the axillary node, the entire lymph node is removed in this surgery.

Removal of both breasts in case of strong family history.


Chemotherapy is good for destroying cancer cells. But it has short-term and long-term side effects. Not only to kill tumour cells but it is also used to shrink the size of tumour cells.


Dr G Vamshi Krishna Reddy


Dr. G Vamshi Krishna Reddy is a renowned Oncology doctor in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He specializes in treating different types of cancer and their metastasis. Dr. G Vamshi Krishna Reddy is the best cancer doctor in Hyderabad.

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