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Can Scots wear kilts that are not the kilt of their clan?

Indeed! The possibility of Clan explicit plaid designs truly appeared about the time Walter Scott coordinated the visit of King George IV to Scotland in 1822, preceding that, the tones for the plaids came from the normal shading specialists found close to the weavers studios locally (colors from various kinds of greeneries, barks from trees) thusly, that and the procedure and weave examples of every individual weaver recognized the local area. 

The plaid plaids and examples were truly exhausting tans and greens, the splendid reds and other hued colors were extravagant (and in case you were doing some hunting, cows stirring or assaulting your neighbors, not prescribed to be worn as you would be spotted effectively going through the open country).

The visit of King George to Scotland was to show the reliability of the Scots to the crown, as just 60 years beforehand, the disappointment of the 1745 disobedience had achieved requital and question from England, Parliament and the Crown. 

While the wearing of the kilt was prohibited until 1780's except if you were a serving trooper in a Scottish Regiment. Sir Walter Scott dominated himself by designing a great deal of flummery and phony practices, which some way or another or other grabbed hold in the Scottish mind, and became legend passed down father to child from days of yore… 

It likewise occurred as industrialisation was truly taking off, and mass assembling of texture was much simpler. So with the consistency of tones and examples, Clan explicit plaid plans took off in prominence. 

Be that as it may, for God's sake, don't tell anybody, the sentiment of the legend rakes in tons of cash and utilizes a many individuals in Scotland.

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