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BTI Receives Certification from International Office Mover Institute (IOMI®)

Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI), a Mayflower Van Lines agent specializing in commercial, lab, medical, science and residential moves, recently completed training to receive Certified Office Mover® credentials from the International Office Mover Institute (IOMI). BTI management and staff completed the training to receive certification in March 2021.

“If we have learned anything the past 15 months it’s that things are always changing in our industry. Taking earning the Certified Offer Mover® credential is part of our overall commitment to providing a superior experience for our commercial and office customers,” said George Rohlfing, owner of the family-owned and operated Brookline Transportation, Inc (BTI).

For nearly 30 years, IOMI® (International Office Moving Institute) has been the world’s premiere ‘university for office moving,’ providing independent training and certification to moving industry professionals. That training included: techniques for minimizing the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors and elevators during a move; best practice methods for installing extensive building protection; procedures for minimizing the risk of damage to furniture and computers during a move, featuring best-practice methods for wrapping every monitor, printer, CPU, server, and copier with two layers of anti-static bubble wrap (with the bubbles facing the bubbles) instead of pad-wrapping computers with filthy furniture pads.

Also covered as part of the training was learning an estimating formula that’s based upon man-hours instead of the unreliable method typically used on household moves that’s based on weight. The IOMI® proprietary estimating formula is uncannily accurate because it factors in not only volume but unique origin and destination logistics.

“BTI has a well-deserved reputation for planning and efficiency for our moves and being able to adjust to unforeseen occurrences. Some of that is due to experience. A lot is from constantly seeking opportunities like the IOMI certification to sharpen our skills and develop new ones,” said Rohlfing. “I’m proud of our team for successfully completing the work become a Certified Office Mover.”

BTI offers a wide range of relocations services for its residential and commercial customers. For complete information on BTI’s relocation services, please visit or call 800-766-7724. For more information on the IOMI, visit

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