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Benifits of Stainless Steel Fasteners

When it comes to putting together any components to build up a project, the most essential piece of equipment required is a fastener. And the best material used to manufacture a fastener is obviously “Stainless Steel”. Stainless Steel enhances the quality and durability of the project it is used in. Stainless Steel fasteners come in various grades just like bars. One can also find threaded fasteners which give better grip and hold.

Basic stainless steel fasteners include screws, nuts, pins, washers, and anchors. Some of the advanced variants of fasteners include rivets, hose clams, etc. these fasteners ensure leak-free connections.

Stainless Steel fasteners exhibit all the exceptional properties and features of stainless steel.

Let us have a deeper look at the benefits of using fasteners made out of stainless steel.

1. Ultimate corrosion resistivity:

Stainless Steel is known for its signature feature of anti-corrosive properties. It has a unique alloying composition that benefits it in multiple ways. The chromium present in stainless steel benefits it against corrosion. Chromium present in the alloy, when exposed to oxygen, reacts with it and forms a layer of chromium oxide on its surface. This layer is what repels the promotion and growth of corrosive material on the metal.

In addition to the chromium oxide layer, various other filler metals are also added to the composition of stainless steel which enhances its resistivity against corrosion. Austenitic grades contain molybdenum which helps to resist corrosive media. Some grades of Stainless steel might require annealing after welding. The Annealing process assures optimum corrosion resistance.

2. Excellent Strength:

Stainless Steel is extremely strong. Ferritic grades of stainless steel that contain iron in larger quantities have great strength. Stainless steel fasteners can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. They hold their position in which they were fixed for long periods. s

3. Cost-efficiency:

Stainless steel has a great demand in the market and is also abundantly available. Thus, it is extremely affordable and cost-efficient. Stainless steel components comprise 50-60% of recycled material thus making it an environmentally and eco-friendly material.

4. Maintenance:

Stainless Steel fasteners once installed do not require any maintenance. They last for long periods. Being resistant to scratches, abrasion, and corrosion reduces the need for maintenance significantly. Even the chromium oxide layer that provides corrosion resistance is self-reparatory and does not need any extreme maintenance.  

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