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Benefits of Using Facial Scrub

Skin is the very delicate part of the human body, of which facial skin is the most delicate part. So you have to maintain and take good care of your skin daily. The basic skincare routine involves cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. In this blog, we are going to see the complete information regarding scrubbing

What Is A Scrub

The scrub plays an essential part in removing the dead cells from your skin. It also helps in exfoliating and brightening your skin. You can prepare this scrub with homely ingredients such as sugar, tomatoes, coffee powder, semolina, oats, etc. It is also available as ready-made packages in your market.

Ingredients Of A Facial Scrub

Natural Ingredients: Sugar is the best natural scrub that exfoliates your skin efficiently. A combination of sugar + honey or sugar + lemon is the best mix for a facial scrub that anyone can use on the whole body. Coffee powder is also one of the good natural scrubs that give a sparkling effect on your skin. A combination of coffee powder and coconut oil gives the best result of scrubbing. Green gram powder and curd are also the best scrubbing mixture that exfoliates and controls excess oil on your skin. Besides, green gram powder gives a natural glow to your skin. 

Chemical Ingredients: Chemical exfoliants are acids that get rid of dead skin cells. They are: 

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids [AHAs]: These include ingredients like glycolic, lactic, citric, and malic acid. These acids can dissolve in water and work miracles on your skin surface. Moreover, they also remove the dead skin cells and improve the texture of your skin. 

  • Beta Hydroxy Acids [BHAs]: This is an oil-soluble acid that penetrates your skin and gives good results in exfoliating.  

  • Polyhydroxy Acids [PHAs]: It works similarly to AHAs. The main difference is PHA molecules are giant, so they cannot penetrate deeply. That is why they are less irritating than in chemical exfoliation. 

How to Use a Facial Scrub

Start your skincare by cleansing your face with a suitable facial cleanser. Next, scrub the face with appropriate combinations or product which will work on your skin. Scrub your face gently with the product using your fingertips in a circular motion. After scrubbing, wash it well with lukewarm water. Complete the skincare by applying a moisturizer. 

Benefits of Using Facial Scrub

When you use the best face scrub for women, you will get the following benefits:

  • CLEAN SKIN: Scrubbing is a process that will make your skin cleansed from dirt, oil, and sweat. Even your regular face wash will not efficiently do this job. 

  • AVOIDS INGROWN HAIR: Scrubbing is a unique procedure that helps you prevent the growth of inner hair. Nowadays, ingrown hair growth on the face is a common problem in girls of all ages. You can get rid of this problem by using a proper scrub. 

  • TEXTURE IMPROVEMENT: As the process of scrubbing cleans and smoothes your skin, the texture of the skin naturally improves. The skin also becomes glowing. 

  • CLEAR COMPLEXION: In face, once the equation shows the subtraction of impurities and excess oil, the ultimate result is good complex skin. 

  • REMOVES ACNE AND PIMPLE SCARS: Scrubbing helps in preventing acne and pimple scars. Basic scrubs like sugar, lemon, coffee powder, and coconut oil help reduce acne marks on your skin.

  • PREVENTING DARK PATCHES: The unknown benefit of using a scrub is preventing and removing dark patches. A scrub made of ingredients like curd and semolina or curd and crushed walnuts/almonds helps remove dark patches. 

  • FLAKES FREE SKIN: As scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells, it also helps eliminate the bits in your skin. Flaky skin will also lead to dry patches. 

  • SOFT SKIN: You need to scrub your face thrice a week to get smooth skin. Scrubbing your skin with different scrubs will assist you in getting soft and bouncy skin. Scrubs made of sugar and lemon, coffee powder and coconut oil, oats, and milk are examples of scrubs.


The best skincare routine includes cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. With the help of all these, you can get natural, glowing skin. Scrubbing helps in making your skin clear, soft, and healthy.  

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