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Benefits of Becoming a Travel Agent

Travel agents are very well paid because their strength is network, Bigger the network you have the more you can get ticket bookings. But sometimes building that network takes lot of efforts, therefore having right idea and strategy initially helps agent to kick start one’s agency. Listing down some of the benefits is very difficult as they get unlimited benefits.


You can work part-time

If you’re looking for a secondary job to earn additional income, then being a travel agent is worth considering. The flexible hours will allow you to keep your current job and build a customer base until you’re ready to go full-time with a travel booking website. Even after going full-time, you can still have another occupation, especially during the low season when there aren’t many clients to handle.

An opportunity to be your own boss

If you have the entrepreneurial skills, then being a travel agent is a viable choice. Nothing says work perk like not having a boss, right? Well, most of the people in this profession work as home-based travel agents –whether hosted or independent. Running your own business allows you to set your working hours, giving you extra time for work-life balance. You also get to reap the financial benefits of your efforts.


Potential to earn

Travel agents have the potential to have lucrative jobs. As an employed travel agent, you make money from commissions. Depending on the number of clients you pull in and their commission rate, you can earn more than what other entry-level employees in other professions make. It’s not unusual for a hard-working travel agent to make 2 lakhs or even 3lakhs monthly. Self-employed travel agents get to set their fees. You can take on extra clients if you want extra cash, or choose to say no to focus on work/life balance.



No degree or experience required

No skills or long, expensive courses are required to become a travel agent. A viable career path without all the schooling and student loan debts –who wouldn’t want that! There may be a few local jurisdictions that require certification, but that should take a couple of weeks to complete. Your host agency will provide the necessary training and tools to get started. Even so, it

Can be an added advantage if you know basic geography and history, and possess people skills.

Aryan Sharma


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