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Automobile businesses billing made easy

The Infopoint business management app makes billing easy among all the facilities the Infopoint app brings for automobile businesses.

The Infopoint business management app makes billing easy, among all the facilities the Infopoint app brings for automobile businesses, the most efficient and effective one is facilitating the billing process, as it is the most time-consuming task and most essential thing in any business, we have included it in our app.     

Infopoint app will be beneficial for all businesses that deal with automobiles. Infopoint app immensely helps in smoothening the process of managing a business.    

Infopoint Vs Other Automobile Billing Software: 

There are many automobile billing software on the market, but among them all, Infopoint stands out with all the benefits a billing software has and many more beneficial features for effectively managing a business. Let’s compare and analyze Infopoint and other billing software’ in the market. 


Features that distinguish the Infopoint app from its peers.          

E-invoice and E-Receipt:  

Invoices and receipts play an important role in any business. There are a number of complexities associated with creating and printing invoices, and the best way to avoid these complexities is to move to electronic invoices and receipts. Switching to digital will, secure the invoice and receipt, helps your company to go paper-free, and speed up the billing process. You can direct the time creating an invoice for other constructive work.     

Social Media Icons in Bills:  

One added advantage of using the Infopoint app for automobile billing needs is that it not only makes the process efficient, but it also helps in driving traffic to your social media sites. Our app comes with customizable E-invoice and billing templates, in which you can add your logo, address, and clickable social media icons, which in a single click, will take the customers to your social media websites, you will get your customers as followers and they will better understand about your business.     

Automated Calculations:  

We understand the stress calculation brings; we know how much it slows down your productivity. One of the best things about auto calculations is that it relieves you of calculation errors. In our Infopoint app, we have made it easy for you to automatically calculate GST and discounts in a few simple steps.     


One of the main things in any business is monitoring the expenses, with the Infopoint app you can note down even the smallest of expenses that arise during vehicle service. It will help you to keep track and take the necessary steps to make your business profitable.    

In-app QR code UPI scanner:  

With our app, you can receive touchless, cashless, payments by scanning the QR code embedded in the app. After scanning the code, the UPI payment can be carried out for the invoice amount. 

Multiple Platform Sharing: 

Generated E-invoice or E-billing can be easily shared with customers via multiple platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, E-mail, etc.  

Infopoint is a single application with multiple benefits, each feature of this application is developed after a detailed analysis of the needs of the automobile businesses. 


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